Hello Chelsea,

Here is your link for session two. Please click-hold and download the track to your device to listen. Once per day if possible will help to reinforce the new thoughts and suggestions.

This sessions takes you through an emotional baggage release and addresses a general feeling of being stuck or uncertain about the future.

Session Two

Here’s the 5 minute rapid version


Here’s the link to session three. This one is more personal to you and not to TKD, because TKD is just a part of the whole you. The rest of you needs to begin to value how amazing you are as a person, aside from any performances.

Session THREE

Session four overrulles any fears of failure and instills a set of new beliefs that it’s okay to want to be successful, it’s okay to win, it’s okay to know deep down that I CAN DO IT. Remember, I want you to write down the words I CAN DO IT, and say it to yourself over and over to get into the ZONE.

Session FOUR