Hello Tegan,

Here’s an anxiety release technique that I think would be the simplest and most effective quick-release technique to be used in the context of hypno birthing. Ordinarily we would have weeks of prep, going through relaxation techniques and training your mind to be open to positive solutions. In the short-term this technique can be applied as per my uploaded movie. Using breaths to reduce tension and focus your mind on positive outcomes.


This is where you can download the audios from our sessions. Please be sure to download them by right-clicking or click-holding the link and ‘saving’ to your device. You can then listen to them without streaming data.

SESSION 1 AUDIO Relaxation/turning towards growth mindset

SESSION 2 AUDIO Releasing Emotional Baggage

Alternative Reactions After our coaching session (3) here’s the shorter technique we discussed. It’s used to create and practice your own reactions to stress provoking situations. At about 8 minutes long, it’s a much easier technique to practice daily and requires less intense concentration.

Also if you’re finding the time span a little challenging, here’s a 1-Minute Relaxation break and a 4-minute Relax break for quick fixes.

SESSION FOUR AUDIO Here’s the audio I recorded for your session 4. It’s a positivity and confidence boost, to apply to all areas of life – starting with an internal boost.