Hello and thank you for attending my ‘Anxiety’ event.

I enjoy presenting and sharing what I’ve learned throughout my own challenging journey in the hope that it helps you to overcome your own anxiety challenges a little more easily.

I hope you found the event useful, the mind-hacks helpful, the question and answers throughout the event insightful, and the whole evening perhaps even… enjoyable.

I’m glad you joined me in the meditation ‘thought exercise’ practice. It is truly powerful when practiced. We all have emotions and reactions stored in our subconscious minds and using these relaxing methods, we can access those buried emotions much more easily – and then work to release or reframe them.

Here are the links to download your free gifts as promised.

7 days of #MENTALFLOSS micro-sessions
7 short micro sessions (5 minutes or less each session) will be emailed to you – one each day.

Practical hints and tips to reduce anxiety over 7 separate days – one email each day. This link takes you to the sign up page – so that I know where to email the sessions.

A free half hour chat by phone/Skype/Zoom to help you get to the bottom of what’s causing stress and anxiety, I can give more accurate advice when we dig deeper into the case history. Fully confidential.

Thanks for attending – Here’s a 50% Discount Voucher.
If you decide that we should work together to release anxiety and empower yourself – you’ll get if for half its original session price.

I’d be honoured for you to follow me on INSTAGRAM, I post anxiety tips, tricks and thought provoking questions. Let’s connect.

I mentioned also that I am a featured meditation teacher at INSIGHT TIMER – feel free to check out all my free audios on that site.

If you have any kind words you’d like to share – I’d love to hear from you, I appreciate it when I hear that my work is helpful to others. Also I’m keen to hear any suggestions on how I can improve the presentation and the experience. Perhaps some suggestions for specific topics you’d like to see addressed in more detail.

Please enjoy all of your FREE GIFTS and I look forward to reading your reply and hopefully chatting with you in a free consultation


Richard Scott