Congratulations on your purchase and your first step into a new slimmer, fitter, healthier world of weight loss.

You will find two things below

  • The link to download your Easy Weigh-Loss Visual MP3, and
  • Instructions on how to get the best results from your MP3

Here’s the link to download your >>> Easy Weigh-Loss Visual MP3 <<<
(Right click and ‘save link as’ to download the file)

Please follow these listening suggestions to make your MP3 more effective

Pick a Time & Place

  • Choose a safe place to listen to your recording; Somewhere you can relax without being disturbed. Some people listen to their recording before bedtime – but everyone is different, so try a few different times.

Listen, Relax, Enjoy

  • Put on some headphones (highly recommended), sit comfortably or lay back and listen to the recording. Just relax and let go and let your inner mind do all the positive work on your behalf.

Repeated Listening

  • For maximum positive benefit it is recommended that you listen to this hypnotic recording at least once per day for the first 2 weeks and every other day for the following two weeks thereafter.

Thanks again – Please feel free to leave me some feedback on your progress or a testimonial to inspire others.

Happy listening and stay strong on your journey,

Richard Scott