A standard mindset session (whether in-person or by SKYPE) lasts approximately 1 hour and starts immediately with a discussion about your challenge. We’ll discover where you’re at right now, what’s causing the challenge and how you’d like to change.

The rest of the session begins the introduction into more positive mindset state, using a combination of talking and thinking exercises (psychotherapy, hypnosis, NLP, CBT, positive psychology and guided visualisation).

After gathering some feedback, you will be given some homework tasks to complete and our first session will conclude.

You will receive a FREE Mindset motivation MP3 after your first visit and will be advised to listen to this audio track at least once per day until your next session which is usually scheduled for one week later (this depends on availability of both parties).

The average number of required sessions ranges between 2 and 4 sessions, but this will alter according to your individual situation and change required.

The second session will depend on how you progress during your time between sessions. I will ask for some feedback in between sessions, to help me construct the following session. Almost all clients are surprised at how great they feel when they return for their second session, mentally and physically.


The investment for a ‘Standard Mindset Session’ is $200

The fee includes:

  • 1 hour spent in session
  • the creation and delivery of each mp3 track (which is separately recorded and provided after delivery of the session in-person, so that the suggestions can be tailored and adjusted as necessary)
  • creation of supporting homework assignments if necessary
  • correspondence time and support in between sessions (phone, text and email support)

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By purchasing prior to the event, we will spend more session time working towards positive change and not on payment administration.

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