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A relaxing process to reignite your passion for life and push the anxiety and depression into the past.

richard scott, depression, hypnosis, anxiety, solution, myndworksMy name’s Richard Scott. I help men, women and children who suffer from depression and anxiety rediscover their enthusiasm and spark with my effective, mind-motivating solution.

After personally spending thousands of hours with my clients, I’ve developed a system which has become extremely effective in overcoming the symptoms of anxiety and depression for good.

If you’re not sure whether you suffer from depression or anxiety, check the following symptoms to see if they apply to you.

symptoms of anxiety:

• Dizziness and feeling light-headed • Reduced attention span • Breathlessness • Restlessness • Irritability • Difficulty in concentrating • Loss of sexual interest • Headaches • Loss of appetite • Muscle tension • Difficulty breathing • A tight feeling in the chest • Sweating • Difficulty sleeping • Poor performance • Diarrhoea • Palpitations

symptoms of depression:

• Feeling constantly pessimistic • Feeling constantly sad, anxious or empty • Tiredness • Lack of energy • Restlessness and irritability • Feeling worthless, helpless or guilty • Loss of interest in hobbies or activities • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions • Changes in sleep patterns • Changes in appetite • Thoughts of death or suicide • Persistent physical symptoms, such as headaches and digestive disorders

A simple solution

low self-confidence, esteem, nerves, nervous, timid, shy, quiet, afraid,, solution, hypnosisIf you’re looking for a magic pill, you won’t find it here.

I help people who sincerely want to change; those that have suffered long enough and are prepared to learn and be supported while implementing a few proven techniques in order to regain control of their lives.

These techniques are proven to be exceptionally effective in the treatment against anxiety disorders and depression. So, the success achieved by thousands of others has been based upon their own commitment to the rules and processes. It’s up to you to follow the instructions and use the techniques daily for successful results.

start changing your life today!

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download the 2 mind-coaching MP3s and receive a bonus gift.

mp3 one:

The first MP3 session guides you into the ideal mindset for change. This is when you realise how easy it is to de-stress and relax, and then decide to simply ‘turn away’ from negative thoughts towards a positive focus.

You MUST listen to your MP3 audio file at least once per day, for the first week.

This will begin to exercise your mind into becoming stronger and more assertive. You may discover that there’s a root cause to blame, and subsequently create a change in your perception of past or present events. You then release any repressed emotional baggage without re-experiencing the emotions, which in turn stops the persistent pressure of intrusive thoughts.

mp3 two:

Your second MP3 session builds an instant anxiety release technique into your new thought processes. You will learn to create alternative solutions to any challenges and begin to make assertive decisions rapidly.

You MUST listen to your MP3 audio file at least once per day, for at least the next 2 weeks.

Your new decisive behaviour helps you become aware of more positive opportunities around you. A confidence and self-esteem boost follows. This is the weight training your mind has needed for so long. Your thoughts, feelings and actions become more confident and assertive. People notice (if they haven’t already) how you’re changing into the new and improved you.

bonus gifts include:

• a Downloadable anxiety And depression e-guide packed with hints, tips and links to various online articles

email support


“At first I was really quite anxious about hypnosis but you really made me feel at ease and that I could talk to you about problems I have had in the past. You really are magic with the coaching you do. My life has changed for the better. If anybody feels they’re unsure that this works then talk to me because I was the biggest doubter and I was proved totally wrong thanks for all your help.”*

Jenny S – Anxiety

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your help. you’ve helped me overcome a mountain of things. I feel much better in myself, all because of you.”*

Sara R – Anxiety and Depression / Panic Attacks

“I can honestly say that since our last appointment I’ve been feeling great. No panic attacks or thoughts of that nature. I find that I don’t think about how to control my anxiety any more it just comes naturally. I would like to say how thankful I am for all your help, you have really made a difference.”*

Howard K – Anxiety and Depression / Panic Attacks

“Thank you very much for this treatment, I really appreciate it. I still listen to your CD when I want to relax more, even though my original symptoms have totally gone.”*

Desiree B  – Anxiety / Depression

*Disclaimer – The results shown in these testimonials are from clients who have adhered to the basic processes in place. They have followed the instructions and listened to the recordings once per day, over the allocated time period. They have also used the e-Guide to enhance their successful progress.

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Reclaim your life – beat anxiety and depression:

for $30(USA) / $40(Australian) / $23(British)

you get…

• 2 x ‘Beat Anxiety & Depression‘ MP3 downloads

• a downloadable anxiety And depression e-guide packed with hints, tips and links to various online articles

• personal email support


break free from the chains of depression and anxiety – today – for $30(USA)

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*Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person, and are based upon the recipient following all the provided information and instructions. The successful outcomes of this product and processes are based on the recipient listening, uninterrupted, to the session 1 MP3, once per day, for at least 1 week, before moving onto the session 2 MP3, which should be listened to at least once per day, for the next 2weeks. While simultaneously implementing the suggestions contained within the downloadable e-Guide for Anxiety and Depression.