has an ever growing number of  MP3 recordings in its range. Be sure to have a browse through the entire list before making your decision on which will be the best to purchase.

An MP3 is a full hypnosis session which has been recorded so you can download it and then listen to it whenever necessary.

The MP3 will contain an ‘induction‘, which is a relaxation process. A ‘Deepener‘ which enhances the relaxation. Then comes the positive, life-changing ‘Suggestions‘ before the ‘Release‘ back to full awakened consciousness.

If you’re having difficulty deciding which MP3 to choose, contact me (Richard Scott) and I’ll be happy to suggest which would work most effectively for you and your symptoms.

These recordings will help to guide you effortlessly into a state of calmness and relaxation.

A relaxed mind is much more receptive to the information it needs to change the unwanted experience or behaviours you want to stop.