Stress and anxiety seem commonplace in today’s society, all across the globe. It’s time to drop your stress and release the unnecessary anxiety by listening to this specially formulated MP3.

Stress can be defined as the way you feel when you’re under too much pressure. Pressure can be caused from work, home or our personal lives, and each individual will cope differently with these levels of stress.

Anxiety can be defined as a fear lodged within us because of something that has happened in the past, or that we think may only think that happened and dread happening again.

This MP3 includes a full mindset motivation session which combines hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques. It tackles stress by utilising relaxation techniques on a mental and physical level. The recording then alleviates anxiety by teaching powerful techniques to your subconscious mind.

Repeated listening allows your mind to achieve a spring-clean and a positive workout.

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Some client testimonials…

“Hi Richard, I am feeling rather relaxed – could have something to do with a certain MP3 of yours that I have been listening to. I’m definitely feeling calmer and more positive about things so thanks for all your help.”
Claire, UK

“You really are magic with the hypnotherapy you do. My life has changed for the better. If anybody feels they’re unsure that this works then talk to me because I was the biggest doubter and I was proved totally wrong thanks for all your help :) x
Jenny, UK

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your help, you’ve helped me overcome a mountain of things. I feel much better in myself, all because of you.”
Sara, UK