Hello Archie,

Here are your links to download recordings from our sessions. Click the orange buttons below to play the track or ‘Right-click/click-hold’ and choose to ‘SAVE’ them to your device.

I’d suggest that you download to your own device, and listen to the recording without the need for an internet connection.

As we continue our sessions, I will upload your MP3s and homework tasks to this page. Your feedback can be sent to me directly through email, to let me know how you’re getting on with the tasks.

These mp3s are my version of medication – take at least one ‘listen‘ per day for best effects. If you listen more, results happen faster.

Relaxation & Motivation Boost This is to be listened to at least once per day for best effect. A calmer mind is a stronger mind on which we can build powerful new confident thoughts. A stressed or panicked mind finds it more difficult to learn new techniques. In our next session we look at releasing any OLD triggers or bad thoughts from the past.

Homework – Your homework is to devote time to listening to audio ONE. This will calmly focus your mind and relax your body.

Emotional Baggage from the past This exercise allows you to let go of any old emotional thoughts that have caused negativity such as anger, frustration, sadness, fear, anxiety etc., so that they don’t use up all of your mind power on negative things. This leaves more energy for positive thoughts and new reactions.