If you’re committed to continual development in your life, this 12-month program is for you.

After experiencing positive changes from the initial ‘Chaos to Calm’ four-step program (your first standard sessions), your mind has been primed for even greater transformation.

You’re now operating at the ‘next level’; your horizons are expanding and new targets stretch out before you. Regular boosts in confidence, clarity and self-control across the year will serve as rocket-fuel for your mind, ultimately enhancing your life.

  • regular check-ins to assess and adjust progress

  • advanced strategies for greater goal-setting

  • expand awareness for greater long-term success 

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This 12-month commitment to you includes:

  • 12 MIND COACHING sessions to be used within 12 months

  • plus 12 phone or skype PROGRESS calls

  • plus 24-hour support access

  • plus Free access to webinars, mp3s and events

Payment Options

buy 12 coaching sessions and 12 progress calls FOR $3000 – receive two extra sessions absolutely free

(Six PAYMENTS required over 12 months)

alternatively, we offer a six-Month Mind Coaching Program