Congratulations, for taking action, purchasing your mp3 and investing in your future.


Okay – let’s get started.

Your documents are ready to download.

Click the links below to start the downloads. Please read the ‘Weight Loss Rule Book‘ first before starting your program. Follow those rules and weight loss will be yours – it’s that simple.

The Rule Book outlines key hints and tips to help you through the weight loss journey. The 80 / 20 Healthy Eating Guide introduces you to the concept of eating the healthier foods AND enjoying some your treat foods without guilt – just in moderation, that’s all.


You can also use the Daily Food Diary to keep track of exactly what you’re eating throughout the process. Sometimes people surprise themselves when they discover just how much they’re actually eating. The diary also allows you to keep track of your portion sizes and the type of exercise you’re undertaking each day.

The Weight Loss Rule Book – Follow these rules to achieve successful weight management

Nutrition Guide to the 80/20 Health Eating Plan – How to eat healthily AND have some treats

Weekly Food Diary Sheets – Complete these to keep track of your food intake

The 15 Minute Meditation MP3 – Overcome the stress, build the positivity, install a new relationship between you and food, reinforce the positive habits and kick-start your new slimmer, fitter & healthier body shape.

YOU MUST listen to the mp3 at least once per day, consecutively, for the first 15 days. After that I would suggest listening every couple of days until you feel that you no longer need to listen.

The suggestions on the meditation mp3 are direct suggestions for relaxation, positive thinking and making better food choices. There are no subliminal messages included.

Follow all the steps, every day and I look forward to hearing about your progress.


Richard Scott