Hello Cat,

Here’s your link to the SESSION ONE audio.

Our SESSION TWO saw us use an anxiety reduction technique to give you a calm anchor (bringing your mind back to a safe good feeling whenever you think you’re about to feel stressed, anxious, doubtful or indecisive) by nipping a finger and thumb together and reminding yourself of that ‘silly’ situation (you know the one).

You can consciously practice recalling that ‘silly’ moment in order to diffuse any panic or fear (which are physically just excitement anyway) whenever necessary.

But also, below is another simple technique which involves taking 3 deep breaths in order to ellicit the same great thoughts, memories and feelings.


If you get the chance, have a listen to this track and remind yourself how easy it is to bring back the good feelings. And remember, the interview is just a conversation, a moment that you can relax into. Imagine that you’re already in the role, you’ve already been working in the role and you’re going in there to explain to some other people exactly how you do your job.

Our session three introduced a regression technique to uncover, address and potentially begin to reframe some initial trauma events that have anchored themselves within your subconscious (instinctive) mind.

Past trauma events often create fears of being rejected and not good enough, which transfer into fears of presenting yourself to others, public speaking and even relationships. Once these past events, thoughts and feelings begin to neutralise, they will bring less energy into your current day panic.

Here’s the full FEAR OF REJECTION technique we used.


Here’s the progressive body tense/relaxation technique, plus the blushing slider. Practice the technique as often as possible. The relaxation / tenser can be used immediately before a presentation or meeting to physically relax you. The slider is practiced and then used in the moment.

As always, the more intensely you commit to practice, the more rapidly results happen :o)