fear of flying, flying, fears, phobia, treatment, hypnosis, psychotherapy, mynd.works, Brisbane, gold coast, AustraliaAn estimated 20-40% of the population experience anxiety whilst flying, making fear of flying one of the most common phobias. Even though this anxiety can seem irrational to you, your subconscious mind may create anxiety as it thinks it is protecting you.

Statistically speaking, flying has been proven to be one of the safest ways to travel. It is far safer than driving a car or even crossing the road.

Re-evaluating the reaction your subconscious mind creates can often help you to control a fear or phobia, and hypnotherapy can help you to achieve this.

Having a fear of flying can often interfere with holidays or business travel and lead to an individual avoiding a career involving travel or a family holiday abroad.

There are many aspects of flying that can create anxiety, such as fearing the plane will crash, claustrophobia, being out of control, fear of having a panic attack and fear of terrorism.

Even being at the airport or boarding a plane may create anxiety for some people. Fear of flying can therefore range from mild anxiety before flying, to a state of terror which can prevent an individual from getting on the plane or even leaving it once they have boarded.

The good news is that there are techniques that can access the subconscious mind to enable a sufferer to overcome their fear of flying and in some cases even make flying a pleasurable activity!


* Sweating
* Dry mouth
* Panic attacks
* Racing heart beat
* Hyperventilating
* Vomiting
* Worrying about the flight days, weeks or even months before
* Claustrophobia
* Feeling out of control
* Feeling uncomfortable
* Blurred vision
* Tense muscles


Fear of flying is a learned fear, which may stem from childhood (perhaps if the individual’s parents showed fear) or could have developed after experiencing a particularly terrifying experience (such as bad turbulence or the plane having to make an emergency landing).

Fear of flying may also be caused by other fears and phobias such as claustrophobia, fear of heights or agoraphobia. Misunderstandings of the principles of aviation can fuel a fear of flying too.


Mindset coaching is extremely useful for the treatment of fear of flying. Mindset coaching usually involved a variety of modalities such as positive psychology, NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. This coaching can give you the skills needed to relax and access your unconscious mind to discover the true, root cause of the fear, to reframe and then introduce positive thoughts.

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Results vary from person to person and are based on client following exact procedures during coaching.

“…Hi Richard, thank you so much for the hypnosis session it totally worked I had the best flight ever! I was even taking photos of the view as we were going over mountains! I was the most relaxed I have ever been on a flight and enjoyed every minute of it, even when we hit a bit of turbulence I didn’t even think about it. I was better and calmer than i have ever been before :)”
Roxanne, Hull – Fear