Hello Matthew,

Here’s the audio to complement our session two. Please download and listen to the track concurrently as we progress through the sessions in person. This track will complement the work done while in session.

The release process is one that can be very deep routed and can remove emotional attachments from trigger situations both from the present day and from the long-forgotten past. So, make every effort to make the entire experience as realistic as possible in every sense – sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.

As you progress through this clearing paert of the process, the leaves in this garden may reduce in quantity or even in size, as the emotional baggage from your subconscious mind reduces.

I’m providing the Garden technique and a positivity boost similar to what we used in session, I don’t want to overload your mind with other techniques we used, especially while you’re not with me.

But if you remember, to become more confident in nature, simply imagine the most confident person you know (or are aware of) and in your imagination… step into their body and become them.

Soak in all of their attributes, skills and behaviours. Feel their confidence and apply it to situations in your own life.

But for now… here’s the audio.


Session 2 allows you to release old emotional baggage which (whether you are aware or not) is creating a block, stopping you from moving forward in life.


Here’s your Session 3 audio. Moving past any feeling of being stuck, then being motivated to achieve your exciting future by choosing the correct path.


Here’s your Session 4 audio. I’ve included the creating alternatives technique for choosing new behaviours and reactions to replace the old outdated anxious responses. Practice practice practice…

Also as a bonus I’m including the anxiety release technique separately. Putting yourself in a great place and taking those 3 deep breaths, then triggering that feeling on demand as necessary.

Here’s the technique