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Tami – USA
Love love love this!!! My favorite meditation to date!

Laurie Mort – Oceanside, CA, USA
I loved this! Thank you so very much!

Gale Parker – Los Angeles, USA
Wonderful technique for anxiety Incredible teacher Thank you, Namaste, Gale

Jeff – San Leandro
Excellent meditation. I found it very satisfying.

Ayush – Jamshedpur, india
awesome awesome awesome!!!

Andrea Marcia Oliveira da Silveira – Natal, Brasil
Perfect! I loved it! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Jude – Dallas, USA
This was amazing, so powerful and absolutely what I needed after a stressful situation. I will use these lessons over and over. Thank you!!

Stuart buechel – Sydney Australia
Excellent. Great guide and well explained. Thank you

Tonia – London, United Kingdom
Really helpful. Thank you!

Lynda – Clarkston MI
Very nice, thank you😇

Kelly – Vancouver, Canada
I found this hard. Will try again. Thabkcyou

Matthew – Greensboro
This is my go to, incredible relief from this practice.

Amanda Evans
🙏🙏🙇🙇 The best meditation I’ve come across is a while. Thank you 🍃

Carla maria – Amsterdam, Netherlands
This was a wonderfull experience .brought tears to my eyes .i will do this whene ever i feel stressed .thank you

Jude Green – Stourbridge, United Kingdom