A 28-Day Guided Journey into a Powerful Mindset Shift – in less than 5 mins a day

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#Mentalfloss is a silky smooth thread of words used to clean between your thoughts.

Over 1,500 professional studies have validated that mindfulness exercises, such as meditation, visualisation and #mentalfloss, improve every imaginable aspect of our lives. Yet, most of us don’t practice these life-changing exercises. So, over the next 21 days, I’m giving you the chance to experience some amazing #mentalfloss with me, Richard Scott.


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Read some testimonials from the thousands of people enjoying a daily #mentalfloss

If you’re fascinated by all the remarkable benefits of meditation but are unsure of how to bring them into your life, this 28-day journey is for you.


From billionaire CEOs and world-class athletes to your next-door neighbour, millions of people agree that guided thought exercises are awesome.

Here’s a link to 75 benefits of regular micro-meditations

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Himalayan monk or a curious bystander, most people never really get to experience the deep meditative states of mind, so they don’t pursue its benefits.

I’ve created a very simple process that takes just 21 days!


As of 2017, Over 1500+ Studies Validate the Amazing Aspects of Mindfulness and Meditation. Yet, staggeringly, few people practice the techniques.


Mental chatter and an inability to sit still prevent most of us from experiencing the many powerful benefits. For others, it’s a case of being ‘too busy’, which keeps them from practicing. Some are so exhausted they fall asleep while meditating.

Quite simply, people prioritize other things over mindfulness and meditation.

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Excuses for not using mindful thought exercises.

A recent survey found:

  • 39% couldn’t focus
  • 33% couldn’t stop the mental chatter
  • 21% thought it took too long to see results
  • 7% couldn’t overcome physical restlessness

All of these can be resolved via #mentalfloss because it’s not the same as other more time-consuming and tedious methods.

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  1. #mentalfloss delivers results FAST

In a world of constant distractions, 24 hours a day simply isn’t enough time to juggle daily duties and responsibilities. With friends, family, work, travel, hobbies and personal time, how can anyone expect to fit more in? With #mentalfloss, you only need less than 5 minutes a day.

  1. #mentalfloss digs DEEP

Using effective hypnotic language, combined with neuro-linguistic programming and cognitive behavioural techniques, #mentalfloss offers an experience so deep that it will alter the way you look at life.

  1. #mentalfloss is modern and fun

No one wants to practice something that’s too boring to do every day. #mentalfloss is fast, easy and enjoyable, so you can continue doing it for the rest of your life! You can do it sitting with your eyes closed OR while out and about.

#mentalfloss delivers a 28-day process that integrates meditation, mindfulness, guided visualisation, hypnosis, NLP and CBT


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This process perfectly suits the modern world.

Over the 21 days, you’ll be taught exactly how to relax, why not emptying your mind is okay, and how to apply this relaxation to your every day life.

You’ll even learn how to anchor great feelings and activate them ‘on demand’.

It generally takes 21 days of practice to form a new habit, so #mentalfloss has you covered as it guides you through every single day.

What to expect from #mentalfloss:

  • Reach a deeper experience faster than ever before
  • Experience amazing healing for inner issues
  • Recover from stress easily in 5 minutes a day
  • Be more relaxed, more productive and make better decisions

In plain English, that means that exactly 28 days from today, you’ll be able to enter and benefit from the deep stillness of your mind in a matter of minutes, with ZERO struggle, and no hesitation.


What makes #mentalfloss different?

  1. Best of the best

The #mentalfloss process implements the most effective strategies from ancient meditation to modern hypnosis, neuro-coding and neuro-linguistic programming to cognitive behavioural therapy, as well as positive psychology.

  1. 28 days to a world of difference

People know how to relax but instead choose distraction. They make excuses to quit whatever takes too much effort. That’s why #mentalfloss takes 5 just minutes over 21 days to deliver lasting change.

  1. Learn and then understand

You will learn how and why the techniques work; dispel the myths and discover ways in which to persist and deepen your focus daily.

  1. One step at a time

You’ll be guided gradually, one step at a time, into your new successful habits before you even know it.


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How you’ll change over the next 28 days

Goodbye stress, hello happy

Studies show that these thought exercises relax your muscles and de-clutter your mind. This strengthens your mind and body connection and distances you from the pressures of everyday life.

Healthy mind, healthy body

Due to a foundation in modern day therapy, this process leads to better health and healthier habits.

Solve challenges

People who are calmer and more focussed claim it helps them to pull creative ideas, inspiring works of art and brilliant solutions to everyday problems seemingly out of thin air. Just think… promotions, pay raises, higher grades and better performances!

Feel a deeper connection with others around you

Being mindful and focussed strengthens your connection with the people around you by rewiring the brain for healthier relationships, encouraging better listening, enhancing intuition, plus heightened resilience.

Reignite the fire

Do you want to be more adventurous… in bed? Want sex to be more than just a physical experience? Couples who meditate claim it helps them overcome their inhibitions, and connect on both a physical and spiritual level. You could call it Viagra for your soul!

Money, money, money

Apple, Google and many other big brands have known this secret for years: Experiencing a #mentalfloss every day can do wonders for your bottom line. How would you like enhanced creativity and problem solving, sharper focus and a boost in your productivity?

Tap into a higher purpose and make decisions fast

Gain a deeper understanding of what your purpose is and what you must do to achieve it. Everyone is unique and everyone has a purpose in this world. Understanding yours makes it easy for you to make better decisions in life.


#mentalfloss is structured to help you make the most of your precious time


The 28-Day Journey

#mentalfloss is a real-world process that combines practice with learning. You’ll relax and learn slightly differently each day.



Starting from day 1, you’ll learn how to prepare for your #mentalfloss and begin to build relaxation triggers for instant activation. You’ll also learn how to best fit your own #mentalfloss into your life.



This is where we deepen your experience. You’ll learn the best times to #mentalfloss and why morning, midday and evening practice work differently. By learning how to release negatives you will allow a flood of new inspiration and creativity to refresh your mind.



In this powerful phase, you’ll learn advanced techniques to help you integrate these new thoughts and beliefs into your normal states of consciousness. You’ll learn how to apply this sharp focus, motivation, positivity and self-belief into your entire life.

BONUS GIFT: How to Overcome Fear

Included in this process is a separate technique which can be used to reduce and remove some of those crippling fears from your life.


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If you won’t #mentalfloss for spiritual reasons, consider doing it just for your body.

There are numerous health benefits of meditation that are well-researched and documented by many institutions like the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH).

  • People who meditate avoid depression, and thus would possibly require antidepressants like Prozac.
  • Recent research also suggests that meditation helps counteract the age-related loss of brain volume.
  • Regular meditators may also develop “stress reduction pathways” in your brain making them resistant to stressful environments.
  • This stress reduction pathway also helps to relieve stress-related diseases, such as, high blood pressure, sleep disturbances and fatigue, chronic pain, gastrointestinal distress and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, headaches, skin disorders, respiratory problems – such as emphysema and asthma – as well as mild depression and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).
  • Thought exercises have been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties, making them an ideal therapy for inflammation-linked diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, Fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases, heart disease and signs of aging.

All of this makes the practice of #mentalfloss, one of the most powerful vehicles for positive change EVER!


A lifetime of benefits at a fraction of the cost

This is an opportunity to get the most out of your mind – without spending years in temples, thousands of dollars on meditation coaches, or countless hours of daily practice.

I’ve already shown you a number of ways in which making #mentalfloss a daily habit can help you. But that doesn’t mean it has to cost you a fortune.

So, even though the course delivers thousands of dollars’ worth of value, your investment in #mentalfloss is not going to be $1,000, or even $500…

28 days’ of content is all yours for the price of a daily coffee.

Special Offer: 21 days #mentalfloss for $149

One payment of $149 brings full 28 day #mentalfloss experience directly to your inbox.



meditation instructors in major cities like New York, Sydney or London can often charge $500 FOR a single meditation class

#mentalfloss IS DELIVERED BY A PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST AND is yours AT a fraction of that cost


Here’s everything you get when you order:

  • The 28-Day Program for a powerful shift in almost every area of your life
  • A selection of videos that explain the process step-by-step
  • An unconditional 7-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk
  • Customer support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of
  • Bonus gift of ‘How to Overcome Your Fears’ thought exercise


Will You Be Left Out?

A good part of the world today meditates and connects with an inner calmness daily. People no longer associate meditation with Buddhism or Yoga. It is taught in schools, to help kids focus and learn in the classroom, and in businesses to boost focus and productivity.

Some of the most famous people on earth are connected to meditation…

  • Billionaire hedge fund manager, Ray Dalio said, “Meditation, more than any other factor, has been the reason for what success I’ve had.”
  • Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, discovered meditation while he was an exec in Silicon Valley. The results were so beneficial for him that it led him to quit his job and take meditation to more than 5 million people from around the world.
  • Marc Benioff, the CEO of salesforce.com, meditates daily and frequently recommends other entrepreneurs do the same.
  • Russell Simmons, the co-founder of Def Jam records, credits meditation for helping him focus, think clearly, be creative and be successful in life.
  • Arianna Huffington, the co-founder of Huffington Post, never leaves her house before doing a 20 – 30 minute meditation.
  • Oprah Winfrey, America’s most beloved television personality and owner of the Oprah Winfrey Network, regularly talks about the wonderful benefits of meditation.
  • Jim Carrey, American actor and comedian, says meditation led to a major spiritual awakening in him.

And the list goes on.

If nothing else, meditating just for the health benefits alone can extend your lifespan significantly because meditation not only lowers blood pressure but can also boost your immune system and raise your energy levels.

Bottom line: If you’re not mentalflossing, you’re missing out.

Take advantage of all these benefits and #mentalfloss today.