Mindset coaching helps you to reframe the beliefs you hold about yourself. These beliefs have massive influence on every aspect of your life, both professional and personal.

If your life seems to be lacking meaning or direction, mindset coaching can help you. If you’re looking to attain a level of certainty in your thoughts and purpose mindset coaching gives you the tools to use to make sure you’re living a life of purpose.

mindset coaching, richard scott

In mindset coaching, we take a deeper dive into your deep beliefs, to see if they’re compatible with where you really want to be. If they aren’t, we will work together to change the incompatible belief or create a new one.

As a mindset coach it’s my job to identify those negative beliefs, you might not even recognise that you have them as they may have been seeded when you were very young.

Similar to my therapeutic process, we will work together to remove the obstacles being thrown up in your path, by the old beliefs, and see how we can replace them with positive self-belief and supercharged confidence.

I use a combination of many disciplines such as hypnosis, NLP, CBT, mindfulness, meditation and positive psychology in order to bring about successful changes.

This is where it gets exciting because doing this brings you so much closer to your goals than you could ever have imagined before.

But let’s make one thing crystal clear… To change your results, you have to be prepared to change your thinking, and your behaviour. To some, this can feel quite uncomfortable and strange. But through perseverance and continual monitoring of results, progress is made.

I look forward to helping you achieve your results.