Hello Michael,

Here, as promised, are your links to download the audios from our sessions.

Session One can be downloaded here

Session Two – I used an ‘Affect Bridge’ technique to begin the release of old emotional baggage and conditioned responses.


Our session three involves a powerful technique to create your own preferred thoughts to replace the negative automatic reactions to your anxious thoughts (which come from the past).

During our session I had you imagine swimming out in a body of water and originally using your old breathing technique when exhaling the air underwater and in the new alternative reaction I asked you to imagine fully exhaling perfectly and then inhaling perfectly without fear or hesitation.

So, that’s what I want you to do. When imagining something that’s challenging you – imagine the breathing – You’ll notice that I’ve worded the track without naming a specific condition, challenge or fear… that way you can insert your own challenge (and it could be different every time you listen to the track) and create your own alternate responses.

During this exercise I want you to really make your new reaction choices feel as GREAT as possible. See them happening, feel what it’s like to be POWERFUL, FOCUSSED and MOTIVATED in the moment… EVERYTIME!

I also wanted to provide you with the following technique so you can imagine a specific challenge / fear (perhaps the water situation) and use this version to alleviate the challenge from another perspective. I want to attack this fear / challenge / block from all angles.



Session 4 sees us dive into the fatigue factor and also supercharging the taste of success. A shorter, more authoritarian set of suggestions.

SESSION FIVE AUDIO – Going For Gold – reigniting that winning spark.

If you have any questions send me an email… richard@mynd.works