students, student, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, exams, anxiety, nerves, stress, graduation, learning, focus, attention, confidence, study, studyingMany students would love to improve their study skills. However, there is so much pressure on school students today to produce results that many school children, college and university students do not fulfil their potential.

When my company was based in the UK, I proved to many students that hypnosis was a very effective method of enabling many of them to overcome the problems that inhibited their academic performances. I successfully helped students to  combat phobias, control bad habits and, significantly enhance their focus, attention, attitude and performances.

students, student, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, exams, anxiety, nerves, stress, graduation, learning, focus, attention, confidence, study, studyingTogether we use hypnosis as a method of allowing you greater control over your own mind and body. This greater control enables you to not only overcome stress and anxiety but also improve study skills and overcome what might be called self-sabotaging behaviour.

On many occasions, academic difficulties have less to do with learning subject matter than with the ability to study correctly and absorb information effectively. It can be a daunting challenge to focus on studying, with a mind that is easily distracted or filled with anxieties.

Hypnosis can provide you with a calmer, more relaxed mindset, enabling a more efficient use of study techniques and time.

It has been proven to help improve concentration levels, memory, mental focus, increase confidence, motivation and self-esteem. It can also decrease self-doubt, reduce stress and help students ‘visualise’ goals and success, and therefore reduce the risk of failure and, sometimes, the fear of success.

How does it work?

students, student, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, exams, anxiety, nerves, stress, graduation, learning, focus, attention, confidence, study, studyingHypnosis is best conducted on an individual basis. You always start with a consultation where information is gathered and the most effective solutions can be discovered.

The actual hypnosis session can then help overcome the obstacles in your mind. Alternatively, a personalised MP3 can be created and supplied as a download – allowing you to benefit from the full hypnosis sessions, from the comfort of your own home or dorm.

Hypnotherapy allows you to be more in control of the body’s natural supply of adrenalin, and helps you in keeping pressure under control. It enables you to stop defeating yourself. Mentally, you can be in control. This can lead to exams being successfully ‘visualized’ in advance, with the terror removed.

Too many students do not fulfil their potential. They suffer agonies of anxiety when exams come round and thus make poor decisions. They simply do not know how to overcome the stresses of their lives.

For the hundreds of students who tried it back at the University of Hull in the UK, hypnosis has been a life-changing force which has enabled them to take back control of their own minds.

Okay, now you know how it works and how you can benefit your academic achievements while enhancing your own personal attributes such as confidence and self esteem –

student, deal, special, offer, half price, hypnosis, mp3, hypnotherapy, mynd.worksHere’s my offer to you…

I’m willing to give you the opportunity to discover just how beneficial hypnosis can be, and I want you to experience it without even having to visit with me or arrange a consultation unless you really need to.

AND I want to give this to you at a fraction of the cost of standard purchases.
HALF PRICE in fact.

You can now instantly download a STUDENT Audio MP3 file for just $20. This MP3 file will contain a 100% full clinical hypnosis session, lasting around 20-30 minutes.

Now, I know that you could go out at the weekend with your student friends and spend a lot more than $20 and have a great time. But that exam fear and that distracted attitude will still be there.

After listening to this MP3 and retraining your mind to think sharper, more effectively, positively and confidently – you can apply this to your academic prowess.

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