Testimonials from my clients are one of the best things in the world. It means that my clients have trusted me, believed in the therapy, have committed to changing themselves for the better and they have achieved the changes they wished to make.

The testimonials below are excerpts from longer messages of feedback from my clients.

*Disclaimer – All claims of successful results on this website and any displays of client testimonial success have been based on those clients strictly following procedures within therapy and/or listening to the recommended audio products for the duration stated. Results may vary from person to person.

“I am the first to admit when I started my own business the thought of networking terrified me. My first few events were awkward and uncomfortable and I was extremely anxious. I kept at it though and funnily enough it was one of Richard Scott’s events that made me realise that networking can be fun. I continued with it and found networking events better suited to my style and personality and have gone on to meet some wonderful people and make amazing friends. Take some tips and don’t let the fear get in your way.”
Steph, Business Owner, Lifestyle Coach, Australia

“If anyone out there needs help or is struggling with depression or anxiety from negative impacts of life, people, negative thoughts. Low confidence, or needing help with business mindset. I fully recommend this amazing man to help you. One of the best things I ever did was to go see Richard. He has helped me change my entire life and I have never felt happier and so positive about my life and my future. Thanks again Richard Scott I appreciate everything you done for me. 
Nadia, Business Owner & Beachwear Model, Australia

“I was seeking a change in my life, my business was at a stand still. I came across Richard Scott while listening to a podcast. I was so interested in his conversation on the subconscious and knew this was the perfect next step for me. I have had 3 sessions and the change in me is remarkable. I have shifted and the momentum for business success, joy, and passion has just exploded. I am so grateful to his process and his passion to help individuals reconnect to self and take charge of their lives. Thank you!*
Laura, Paediatric Doctor, Georgia, USA

“I am ever so blessed that we met and have come thus far. Thank you Thank you for your skill , integrity and just simply  for being you.”
Marie, Property Manager, Australia

“Just to let you know, Richard, that I passed my first MBA unit with distinction. I thank you for your help it was invaluable in the relaxation and motivation process for me on a daily basis. I now focus on the positive things. Thank you so much for your help I will keep in touch.”
Olivier, Entrepreneur, Australia

““The whole experience was well covered, from the time of our conversation over the phone and Skype to when I flew in for personal sessions.  All was very well explained and I completely understood what to expect and how the process works. Straight away I felt a big difference. I’ve used the backup MP3s a couple of times. I would definitely recommend Richard. Definitely! I really got a lot of value from the sessions.”
Richard, Senior Management, Virgin Australia


“Richard is extremely professional, the whole process was explained clearly beforehand and I felt completely comfortable at all times. I experienced many positive changes both during and after my course of treatment, I’m definitely a work in progress though. I continue to listen to the relaxation MP3 once or twice a week and would absolutely recommend Richard to others.”
Sara, Entrepreneur, Brisbane, Australia

“Richard was 100% professional, at my initial 25 min consultation, during my sessions, and afterwards. Everything was very well described and disclosed, no surprises. I experienced massive changes in cognitive thinking, (I wanted that) my attitude to my business goals for the future. I haven’t listened to the backup MP3s Richard gave to me as I haven’t felt the need. I have clarity of vision for my future and am confident of this. So much so that I’ve already recommended Richard to many people.”
Larry, Business Coach, Brisbane, Australia

“I know I’m stubborn but Richard persisted with me and helped me realise that my weight goals would only be reached if I was ready to change the way I thought about myself. I had 4 sessions and continued with the audio programme and lost 33 pounds (14.9kg) in around 2 months!”
Jackie M, Derbyshire, UK

“… I found it very hard to lose weight after my three kids. I was 36 and had tried most diets without success. I also developed type 2 diabetes. I saw Richard for six weeks and have been very happy with the results. I lose weight steadily every week and keep using Richard’s mp3s daily.”
Sabine, Manchester, UK

“Richard Scott was recommended by an English friend of my husband’s. I am from Missouri USA and had 4 Skype sessions which worked really well for me. I remember Richard saying that it was 4am where he was once! I have gone down 3 dress sizes and completely regained my confidence. Richard motivated me to complete my training as a personal nutritionist and I’m about to launch my new business!”
Tessa, Nutritionist, USA

“I found Richard online. He helped me lose the excess weight from my two pregnancies and I have managed to keep it off for 3 years. I occasionally listen to the mp3s he sent me after my initial five sessions over Skype. I feel great Richard. Thank you!”
Danielle, Sunshine Coast, Australia

“My wife and I completed Richard’s weight-loss audio program in 2015. We run a successful Brisbane business and so this was the best option for us. Richard offered advice via Skype, email and on the phone whenever we needed it. We are taking our first Mediterranean cruise this year which we agreed would happen if we both hit our weight targets by the end of 2015. Richard was professional and a great help.”
Mal and Sophie H, Hamilton, Australia

“I took my daughter Katelyn to see Richard in 2012. She was 14 at the time and very overweight for her age. She struggled to make friends because of the way she looked. As well as the sessions, he helped establish a healthy eating and fitness programme for us that we have continued to use with the CDs over the years. Kate is at college now and is invited out by her peers. She has a boyfriend and is studying to become a fashion photographer. I am very proud of her achievements and very grateful to Richard!!”
Donna, York, UK- Anxiety/Anger

“At first I was really quite worried about coming to see you but you made me feel at ease and I could talk to you about problems I have had in the past. You really are magic with the hypnotherapy you do. My life has changed for the better. If anybody feels they’re unsure that this works then talk to me because I was the biggest doubter and I was proved totally wrong thanks for all your help :) x*
Jenny, Hull, UK – Anxiety/Anger

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your help, in your testimonials, you’ve helped me overcome a mountain of things. I feel much better in myself, all because of you.”*
Sara, Manchester – Emotional Anxiety

“Everything has been really good so far as my symptoms are concerned recently. There is no doubt in my mind and it has gone back to being something I really enjoy. I’ve been thinking quite a lot about being positive about life in general and that I was often too critical of myself, although not openly. I’ll be doing less of that in the future.*

It is difficult to place value on the sessions I had with you because if the result was a tangible item I could buy, then I would have been willing to pay a very high price. Many Thanks.”*
Adrian, Goole- Performance Anxiety

“I feel a lot more confident now, I found it really helped me. Thank you for all your help.”*
Nikki, Hull – Eating Disorder

“I honestly think that the work we did made a huge difference to the labour experience.

I was using the techniques you showed me in a much more abstract way. I found the breathing techniques really useful and was consciously using the slow breathing when things got really intense.

Of course I recognise that I am lucky not to have had any complications. However with the preparation we did, I was able to go through the process with a relaxed mindset, an absence of fear and to fulfil my wish of avoiding medication.“*
Chloe, Hull – Childbirth / Labour

“I’ve been doing amazingly well since last session, my IBS has calmed down loads and I’m dealing with it so much better and feel so calm, like never before. Here’s to more awesome testimonials.”*
Elspeth, Hull – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

“She (client) is so much more positive and completely different to the vulnerable young lady who sat in our lounge a few weeks ago crying her eyes out, before she had seen you.

The change is just incredible – and to be honest, I don’t know why the NHS don’t make more use of such a service, as it would cut down on many unnecessary operations as far as obesity is concerned.

The most amazing change, apart from the obvious ones, is the speed in which she eats now. We have not seen her eat so slowly or enjoy her food as much since she was around the age of 8 years old. She has always, since that age, sped through her fed, almost embarrassingly, and it is a delight to have meals with her now.

Thank you so much, you really have changed her life, and I am sure she will want to keep in touch with you, as she is so proud of herself at the moment, and it could have been such a different outcome if she had carried on comfort eating to the extent she was doing.”*
Trisha and Pete, Hull – Parents of Weight Management Client

“I can honestly say there has been a big improvement in my behaviour since our sessions. “*
Pete, Hull – Confidence

“I’m absolutely chuffed to bits. I haven’t had a fag since my second session and I’ve been sitting with friends who have been smoking and I haven’t even wanted one.”*
Adele, Scunthorpe – Smoking Package ‘Quit Gently’ 3 sessions

“I have mastered the big scary hill! :) I now keep arriving at places half an hour early because I’m walking so much faster than I was before… and not even noticing.

I’ve been swimming 5 days a week for the past 2 weeks and actually enjoying it… which makes a huge change since it’s normally such a chore. I had to buy a new swimming costume.

So far I’ve lost 11 pounds… that’s the fastest any weight has ever fallen off.

My parents came up last Monday (9th) and couldn’t believe how slim I looked… Now I have heaps of energy, even though I’m exercising a lot more.

I’m actually amazed at how little I’m eating and how much energy I have compared to what I had before.”*
Hannah, Newcastle – Weight Management

“Hi Richard, I’m pleased to tell you I haven’t had a cigarette since my last session. I also feel like a different person and, for once, in control of my thoughts and life, so I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your help. Keep up the good work.”*
Tracey, Scunthorpe – Smoking/Anxiety

“Many thanks for delivering the session which I am sure the delegates found most enjoyable.”*
Joanne Gower – NorVIc Federation Co-ordinator – Stress Group Session

“Hi Richard, I just wanted to say that I thought your session was brilliant, I have been telling my colleagues about it this morning that I have never felt so relaxed!”*
Wendy, Scarborough – Staff Stress-Busting Session

“I can honestly say that since our last appointment I’ve been feeling great. No panic attacks or thoughts of that nature. I find that I don’t think about how to control my anxiety anymore it just comes naturally. I would like to say how thankful I am for all your help, you have really made a difference.”*
Howard, Hull – Anxiety

“I am relaxing faster on a night, i am finding i can literally switch off and fall asleep straight away! My sleep is unbroken at the moment, i find i am not waking up at all now in the night.”*
Lisa, Driffield – Insomnia

“Thanks for the sessions and thank you so much for sending out my CD. I will continue the work straight away.”*
Denise, France – Confidence

“I have stopped eating between meals and have lost 6lb since our last session.”*
Robert, London – Weight Management

“I just wanted to email you to thank you for all your help.

Your sessions have made such a difference to my life. I wore my prosthesis in public for the first time without any panic attacks or worry. I felt like walking around was the most easy and natural thing in the world. Normally I would have been reduced to tears and blind panic at the mere thought of just walking around in crowded places. My friends were amazed and I felt so good about myself.

The visualisation techniques you taught me have worked wonders and I am a lot calmer and much more confident. Just a thank you can’t put in to words how grateful I am to you for enabling me to take back control of my life.”*
Elaine, Hull – Confidence

“…Hi Richard, thank you so much for the hypnosis session it totally worked I had the best flight ever! I was even taking photos of the view as we were going over mountains! I was the most relaxed I have ever been on a flight and enjoyed every minute of it, even when we hit a bit of turbulence i didnt even think about it. I was better and calmer than i have ever been before :)”*
Roxanne, Hull – Fear

“…My nervous rash has disappeared and I am gaining confidence every day. I keep putting myself in different situations which normally I would avoid. My husband has noticed a change in me, I wish I had done it years ago.”*
Sandra, Hull – Panic

“After 50 years of suffering from my symptom, Richard released it with a single session. Wonderful”*
Cynthia, Bedale – Fear

“Hi Richard, I am feeling rather relaxed – could have something to do with a certain CD of yours that I have been listening to. I’m definitely feeling calmer and more positive about things so thanks for all your help.”*
Claire, Hull – Stress Management

“Thank you very much for your treatment, I really appreciate it. I still listen to your CD when I want to relax”*
Desiree, Austria – Anxiety

“…my pain went away and I’d never felt as relaxed as that in my whole life!
I literally couldn’t get up afterwards, I was so relaxed and at peace!”*
Andrea, Scunthorpe – Relaxation

“My recent flight was a lot better than normal! I was very relaxed and calm. I will continue to listen to my cd. Thank you so much.”*
Louise, Scunthorpe – Fear

“I find myself in actually seeking to speak with others in everyday situations, when all I was doing in the past was to hide. My very best wishes for the future and all the great work you are doing!”*
Voula, Hull – Confidence

“…I never thought i could be so relaxed, thank-you for helping me and i feel it really has worked and i am very happy with things now :). thank-you again.”*
Kezia, Hull – Fear

“That was fantastic, I feel smashing. I feel so much better than I’d expected to feel, and in only a couple of sessions too. Amazing.”*
Michael, Cottingham – Confidence

“I’ve been on a concoction of over 8 different tablets every single day and suffered for the last 30 years. I’ve seen doctors and specialists who offered nothing but more drugs. After the very first session with Richard my symptoms changed, 2 sessions later and they were completely gone. Thank you for giving me my life back.”*
Linda, Scunthorpe – Disorder

“Richard’s voice was so crisp and clear, I didn’t expect to become so relaxed.”*
Rosa, Sydney, Australia – Confidence

“I used to be scared of spiders, but I’m not any more.”*
Natalie, Scunthorpe (aged 7) – Fear

“We’ve seen a change in our son’s confidence levels. Even his school teacher has noticed a marked improvement and has asked what has happened.”*
Shelley, Hull (son aged 11) – Confidence

“I used the techniques that you taught me and had a very successful flight.”*
Tanya, Goole – Fear

“My nail biting stopped the very next day and I found myself so very relaxed”*
Sally, Sheffield – Anxiety

“You’ve really helped me to beat my chocolate addiction, I feel fantastic now, much more motivated and I’m losing weight! You deserve some fantastic testimonials.”*
June, Scunthorpe – Weight Management

“So relaxing. I really enjoyed the experience.”*
Mr D, Hull – Health

“I felt more confident and more relaxed after each session”*
Ron, Scunthorpe – Tinnitus

“I listen to your CDs at least once a day, they’re very relaxing. I’ve downloaded around 40 other cds peratining to hypnosis, and I have never come across one as professional as yours, the one I bought from you when I visisted you for a bout of tinnitus.”*
Clive, Barton – Anxiety

“I was a bit sceptical at first but after the session I felt fantastic. I heard everything that was said and heard all sounds around me but they didn’t bother me.”*
Lucy, Leeds – Phobia

“I feel much more motivated, positive and confident after the sessions.”*
Craig, Scunthorpe – Disorder

“I thought I was fast asleep, but as you counted me out of hypnosis my eyes opened just as he said they would. The relaxation session was amazing.”*
Adrian, Hull – Stress Management

Testimonials help me to continually improve my service, and develop even more effective and rapid solutions which change people lives. Keep those testimonials coming.