Anxiety Specialist, Richard Scott, combines positive psychology, NLP and CBT with over 15 years’ professional, full-time experience in traditional and modern hypnosis to deliver an exceedingly effective solution to combat today’s prevalence of anxiety-related symptoms, including stress, panic attacks, low self-esteem/confidence, and subsequent physical ailments.

Combining thousands of hours of session work, Mynd.Works offers the latest techniques in psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, hypno-analysis and stress management.

A more effective combination of proven techniques tailored to suit individual needs means that considerably less therapy time is required, compared to more popularly-accepted treatments. On average, three to four sessions* achieve outstanding results, whether on a one-on-one basis or remotely via Skype. Corporate, special interest and travel-based groups are also catered to.

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Richard’s highly successful techniques are known internationally, with clientele spanning over 30 countries, including the UK, Europe, USA and Canada, as well as throughout Asia. Richard has featured prominently in local, national and global media, as well as being invited to speak at corporate events, live radio and podcasts.

You’ll find a professional biography on Linked In www.linkedin.com/in/myndworks

Richard is also an authorised teacher on Insight Timer. Insight Timer was voted by ‘Women’s Health’ as Best Meditation App 2018. https://www.insighttimer.com/richardscott

Here’s a feature about Richard’s story from the School of Natural Health Sciences https://naturalhealthcourses.com/dt_testimonials/richards-story/

Richard is also frequently gives out professional advice and free techniques on social media. Facebook and Instagram

mynd.works, audio products, downloads, CDs, MP3s, headphones, hypnosis, psychotherapyMynd.Works also offers an extensive library of downloadable audio products and MP3s – featuring full mindset management sessions – created to alleviate and eliminate the symptoms of almost 1000 different physical, psychological, emotional and behavioural ailments associated with anxiety.


Richard has been the President of the Australian Association of Professional Hypnotherapy and NLP (AAPHAN), has also been the Australian Board Advisor to the international Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists (AWLH), and an international student advisor at the UK School of Natural Health Sciences (SNHS).

Feel free to browse through some Mynd.Works media articles and various events.

*All sessions include accompanying MP3s as well as regular ‘homework’ and support. Feedback in-between sessions is requested to adjust individual therapy as required.

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If you have any questions, call Richard at mynd.works on +61415567708 or if you prefer you can email Richard via richard@mynd.works or book a FREE ‘Rapid Change’ Consultation.