Mynd.works is conceived by award-winning anxiety specialist Richard Scott.

Formerly from the UK but now based in Brisbane, Australia, Richard Scott at mynd.works combines the psychotherapy and positive psychology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with traditional and modern hypnosis to deliver more effective solutions to anxiety clients worldwide.

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Using thousands of hours of one-to-one and group session work, mynd.works brings you the latest techniques in mindset motivation, psychotherapy, cognitive hypnotherapy, hypno-analysis and stress management.

An effective combination of proven techniques, tailored to you means that you will often need less time in therapy. On average 2 – 4 sessions often achieve outstanding results.

Richard’s highly successful techniques are world-renowned, with clientele spanning some 30 countries. Riding high on the back of his repeatedly-proven track record, he has featured prominently in local, national and global press, also being interviewed numerous times on live radio and podcasts.

Richard is the President of the Australian Association for Professional Hypnotherapy and NLP (AAPHAN). He is also the appointed ‘Board Advisor – Australia’ for the International Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists (AWLH), headed by renowned weight-loss motivator Steve Miller. Richard is also an International Student Ambassador for the School of Natural Health Sciences (SNHS) in London, UK.

Mynd.works offers an extensive library of MP3s featuring full meditative sessions. Created to alleviate the symptoms of almost 1000 different physical, psychological, emotional and behavioural ailments, they will all be available to download presently.

mynd.works, audio products, downloads, CDs, MP3s, headphones, hypnosis, psychotherapymynd.works audio products have been proven time and time again to work more successfully than most other hypnosis audio downloads on the market…

and here’s why…

In order to create more effective audio products, with some particular symptoms Richard asks you some key questions before you reach the purchasing stage.

This helps mynd.works to discover accurate details about your own mindset, whether you are more visually oriented or have a more logical frame of reference, and it then creates the perfect MP3 solution for you.

hypnosis, group, session, hypnotherapy, stress, anxiety Here’s what a client had to say.
“I listen to your CDs at least once a day, they’re very relaxing. I’ve downloaded around 40 other CDs pertaining to hypnosis, and I have never come across any as effective as yours.”

So, if you’re unable to visit Richard at mynd.works in person, these downloadable hypnotic audio products can be used to rapidly retrain your own subconscious mind to learn new behaviours.

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If you have any questions, call Richard at mynd.works on +61415567708 or if you prefer you can email Richard via info@mynd.works or book a FREE ‘Rapid Change’ Consultation.