If you’re a student, pupil or someone learning a new skill and you’re faced with stress, anxiety or even overwhelm – these MP3s are for you.

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I’ve designed each one to help alleviate the underlying stress and retrain your mind to become more confident in the event of exams or public speaking.

Simply purchase, download and then listen to these MP3s, it’s as simple as that. For best results listen to the MP3s at least once per day.  This will train your brain to think positively and absorb information easily.

Similarly to visiting the gym or learning a skill, repetition is the key. The more you listen, the more information you absorb and create positive responses to old anxiety triggers.

These MP3s contain frequent references to student language and terminology, so may be less effective for non-students.

Help your thoughts to become:

  • sharper
  • effective
  • positive
  • confident
  • focused

– you can apply this new way of thinking to your academic prowess and your personal life.

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I’d love to hear your progress after listening – if you have any questions please email richard@mynd.works and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Exam Stress MP3

Fear of Public Speaking MP3