Hi Beau,

Here are your links to download all audios from our sessions. Click the links below to play the track online or ‘Right-click/click-hold’ and choose to ‘SAVE’ to your device.

I’d suggest that you download to your personal device, and listen to the track without the need for internet connection.

As we progress through our sessions together I will upload your MP3s to this page. These mp3s are your medication – take at least one per day for best effects.

Relaxation & Motivation Boost This is to be listened to at least once per day for best effect. A calmer mind has a stronger foundation on which to build powerful new thought patterns. In the next session we look at releasing any triggers and emotional baggage.

Emotional baggage release This stage 2 imaginative technique helps you to release old repressed baggage that no longer serves you. This historic baggage is the fuel behind most current fears, issues and panic symptoms.

I also want you to have a listen to an anxiety release technique that I’ve created. I’m supplying this one as a separate audio – it uses 3 breaths to ignite a relaxed, great feeling. This counteracts the onset of anxiety in any situation. Great for those situations when you’re attempting to venture outbound, but still feel shakey inside.

Your mind, from this point forwards, is digging into repressed thoughts. So expect to have daydreams, random thoughts, memories and possibly even some negative moments pop up in your mind. In the event that things like this happen, and it makes you jump into anxiety… You can jump onto the Anx Release Track and use the breathing technique to get you straight back to relaxed and motivated again.

Next session -Tuesday 8th June – 6pm