Hi Hayley,

Here are your links to download all the MP3 recordings from our sessions. Click the link buttons below to play the track online or ‘Right-click/click-hold’ and choose to ‘SAVE’ the audio to your device.

I’d suggest that you download the recording to a device, so you can listen without needing any internet connection.

As we progress through our sessions together I will upload your MP3s to this page. These mp3s are like taking medication – I’d like you to listen at least once per day for best effects.

Relaxation & Confidence Boost A calmer mind is a better place to build powerful, strong new positive thoughts. In the next session we look at releasing any old negativity and fears.

Anxiety Release & Feel Good Anchor Creating a calm, happy place in your mind is key to this session. Once you get those happy thoughts, you can swap all the old anxious thoughts for the new happier ones by squeezing that fist and imagining that cute little horse of yours.

Creating Alternative Responses – This technique allows us to practice creating alternative responses for when we face challenging situations or worrying thoughts. By practicing some alternative responses you can put them immediately into use and allow yourself to step into a feeling of confidence when you overcome the old challenge and it doesn’t affect you like it did before.