Hi Meg,

Here are your links to download all audios from our sessions. Click the links below to play the track online or ‘Right-click/click-hold’ and choose to ‘SAVE’ to your device.

I’d suggest that you download to your personal device, and listen to the track without the need for internet connection.

As we progress through our sessions together I will upload your MP3s to this page. These mp3s are your medication – take at least one per day for best effects.

Relaxation & Motivation Boost This is to be listened to at least once per day for best effect. A calmer mind has a stronger foundation on which to build powerful new thought patterns. In the next session we look at releasing any triggers and emotional baggage.

We also used this anxiety release technique. It uses the 3 breaths to ignite a relaxed, great feeling – whizzing your mind away to your perfect location in order to revive the relaxed/excited feelings. This counteracts the onset of anxiety in any stressful situation.

Time to release the grip on your INNER CHILD conditioned responses of the past. In this exercise we visit your younger self to reassure and support them and give new directions on how to react within old traumatic situations. By doing this, we are planting new responses in the past, so that your current reactions can reach back and grip onto new responses whenever they try to grasp the historic reactions.

Creating Alternative Reactions This quick proces allows you to mentally rehearse alternative ‘positive’ reactions to any old trigger situations. It lets your mind practice performing different positive behaviours that bring new results when faced with challenges in real life. The mental rehearsal of new reactions within moments of historic stress and panic will soften the instant panic and anxiety in your mind and body. When you encounter challenging situations in real time, your mind will be prepared with multiple new alternatives to put into play.

I’ve made this one very short and sharp, so that it can be practiced daily, or even multpile times per day.