Here is your link to download the audio from our session. Click the buttons below to play the track online or ‘Right-click/click-hold’ and choose to ‘SAVE’ to your device.

I’d suggest that you download this track onto your personal device, and listen to the track without the need for internet connection.

As we progress through sessions I will upload your MP3s and homework tasks to this page. These mp3s are your medication – take at least one ‘listen‘ per day for best effects.

Relaxation & Motivation Boost This is to be listened to at least once per day for best effect. A calmer mind has a stronger foundation on which to build powerful new thought patterns. If the calm baseline isn’t robust, your mind will find it more difficult as we move into deeper seated mind work.

Homework – Your homework is to devote time to listening to the audio. This practice will calm your mind and relax your body. Even in the case that you don’t initially feel any mental difference, please continue… the pure act of physically relaxing will begin to alleviate stress symptoms on a chemical level which will then affect mental changes.

The key to your success depends on you taking charge of your life. Creating a positive goal to work towards and then taking daily steps to achieve that goal. Take things small and slowly at first before moving onto bigger and more profound goals.