Hello Casey,

Here’s your audio from session two. Please download and listen to the track concurrently as we progress through the skype sessions. This track will complement work done while in session. The release process is one that can be very deep routed and can remove emotional attachments from trigger situations both from the present day and from the long-forgotten past.


Here’s your audio from session three. This technique focuses on the physical feelings caused by your challenge, and then tracks them back (regression style) to a root cause before reframing and neutralising the event. It also creates alternative behaviours as an instinctive response.

Session Three Audio

Here’s session four’s audio, it includes a pre-event worry reduction technique as well as an amnesia-like forgetting the negatives and replacing with only a positive. We also used parts integration to bring forward a STRONGER kick-ass voice within, to over power the anxious avoidant or panicking voice.

session four audio

And then there’s the shorter Anxiety reduction technique (below) – this is to be practiced as often as possible. Whenever an anxious situation occurs you can choose to override it with 3 deep breaths and either using your STRONG voice or whisking your mind away to an amazing place with great feelings.

Anxiety Reduction Technique

This one is a specific anxiety release technique to practice beforehand and to trigger when anxiety strikes.

Anxious bladder suggestions

Independent suggestions to release anxious bladder triggers.