Hello Corey,

Here are the links to download audio MP3s based on our sessions.

Session One can be downloaded here. This track decreases stress triggers and increases a relaxed mind – in order to affect positive changes.

Session Two can be downloaded here. This track walks you through an emotional trauma release technique. Once the baggage begins to release it decreases the strength of negative compulsions like drinking, smoking and gambling.

Alternatives – This technique is used to allow your mind to choose its own reactions to specific situations. Once your mind is armed with alternative solutions it can mentally practice using them so that when challenged in real life it is not an instinctive response to jump into negative reactions.

Gambling Reduction – In this track we looked at using direct suggestions to decrease the emotional ‘buzz’ gained by gambling. We framed gambling into a loser’s game and increased your resolve to choose to avoid the situation.

Choosing your pathway – I want you to use this track to have your mind run through a choice of possible futures. One future has you walking the same old path of misfortune and temptation. The other path is one of your creation and control – a much better path and life.