Hello Jordan,

Here, as promised, are your links to download the audios from our sessions. Right-click or click-hold and choose to ‘save’ to your device.

Session One can be downloaded here – Relaxation & Self Esteem Boost

Session Two can be downloaded here – Emotional baggage release

In light of the recent kick-back from anxiety, here are a few simple anx-reduction techniques to use in the moments if stress…

Here’s a 1-Minute Relaxation break and a 4-minute Relax break for quick fixes in those anxious moments.

Also we spoke about creating alternative reactions in specific moments. So, here’s a bit longer technique I want you to use while I’m constructing your session 3 recording. Alternative Reactions

The technique is used to create and practice your own reactions to anxiaty provoking situations or thoughts. At about 8 minutes long, it’s a much easier technique to practice daily and requires less intense concentration.

When you have some pre-meditated alternative thoughts, you’re then prepared to questions and ridicule the automatic negative ones that arrive.

Session Three will be downloaded here – Fear reduction & reframe

Session Four – Anxiety reduction, self talk, assertiveness, deep sleep

PDF on How to Sleep Better click here to download

Here’s the recording from SESSION FIVE