I’m often being interviewed in various media formats, all over the world. Here are some of the latest interviews from radio show and podcasts.

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Personal Upgrade Podcast – 2019

Hosted by Michael Pulser (Australia)

The ambitious entrepreneur show

Hosted by Annemarie Cross (Australia)

Discover Your Talent’ Podcast

Hosted by Don Hutcheson (USA)
Listen to the interview on iTunes , DiscoverTalentPodcast.com or Stitcher 

THE timo show’ Podcast

Hosted by Tim Olsen (USA)

THE mind of the warrior

Hosted by Mike Simpson (USA)

brilliant living HQ

Hosted by Julian and Kathryn (UK)

the mind aware radio show

Hosted by Dana Wilde (Canada)

the gym wits

Hosted by Ryan George (USA)

healthy positive lifestyle

Hosted by Jin Komuso (USA)

Massive momentum radio show

Hosted by Kristie Kennedy (USA)

shine radio show

Hosted by Antiqua Lisha Libbey (Canada)