The single mindset session (whether in-person or by SKYPE) lasts approximately 90 minutes and starts immediately with a discussion about your challenge.

I’ll introduce you to the basic functions of the human mind to give you more awareness of what you do and why you do it.

Together we’ll finetune exactly where you want to be, discover exactly what has been stopping you from getting there and create an action plan to include what needs to be resolved in order to achieve the success you’re searching for.

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The practical part of the session begins with the introduction into relaxation and a more positive mindset state.

By using a combination of talking and thinking exercises (psychotherapy, hypnosis, NLP, CBT, positive psychology and guided visualisation) I can show your mind what it feels like to experience the success you desire.

The single mindset session includes a full Hypnotherapy/ NLP/CBT session and delivers the first step towards life- long change.

If you do choose to proceed into the 4-Step Anxiety Program, this single session is treated as your consultation and first session..

You will be emailed a Mindset motivation MP3 after your visit and will be advised to listen to this audio track at least once per day for the next 2 – 3 weeks and as required after that.


The investment for a ‘SINGLE Mindset Session’ is $300

By purchasing prior to the event, we will spend more session time working towards positive change and not on payment administration.


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