Whether you’re pro-vax, anti-vax, pro-mandate, anti-mandate; whether you think everybody and their dog should be ‘jabbed’ or you think of people as individuals in charge of making their own medical decisions… We’re still all in this thing together.

Whether you’re worried about your health or the health of loved ones, trying to navigate sudden unemployment or wondering what happens next in the face of this global uncertainty, you’re not alone.

Whether you are dutifully following the guidance of those that are in charge of you, or whether you are basing your decisions on emerging global data; Whether you’ve been struck by the symptoms of the virus or whether you’ve suffered adverse events following the jab… we, as human beings, are all being introduced to…

constantly increasing levels of anxiety.

We are living in challenging times where many people have trouble coping. But rest assured… there are ways to ease the anxiety and fear you feel inside.

Browse the BLOG area on my website for hints and tips to help you cope during Covid-19 and at other times. The latest official updates from the Australian Government can be found here.

Anxiety can affect you psychologically, physically, emotionally and behaviourally – I can help you to reduce the symptoms on all levels by calming your mind and relaxing your body – giving your immune system an extra bit of help in these trying times.

I’m particularly noticing a rise in ‘uncertainty’ ,’fear’ and panic attacks

I’ve created 3 FREE MP3s to tackle some of the anxiety symptoms and negative thinking habits resulting from this pandemic.

The following MP3s teach effective ways to reduce your stress and anxiety levels, especially around the subject of corona virus, isolation, negative thoughts and illness.

Adverse Events following Vaccination

There are an increasing number of previously healthy people who have suffered from serious adverse side effects immediately following their CV19 vaccine shots. This news is very slowly being introduced into mainstream media after an extensive period of media-blackout (not actually being allowed to present the stories).

Worryingly, I’m being told by some clients that they are being dismissed, made-fun-of and even vilified by the medical establishment and their treating physicians. This is called ‘Victim Shaming’. A form of ‘Gaslighting’ is taking place, where victims are being told that all their physical side effects are just ‘just anxiety’.

Although instances of ‘adverse events’ are rare when compared to the number of vaccinations administered globally, these events still happen, and the injured should not be ridiculed simply because their plight disagrees with the generally accepted narrative that these ’emergency use approved’ vaccines are completely safe and effective. You can read about many of their horror stories here.

Aside from the physical ailments being suffered by the injured, mental health plays a monumental role in recovery. It’s widely known that a stressed body heals more slowly than a calmer one. A stressed, anxious mind switches on your red-alert button, and your body prepares for fight or flight mode – not healing mode.

Simplified, it’s more productive to ease your mind, reduce your negative thoughts, be able to re-ignite good feelings on demand and have your mind focus on ‘here and now’ positive daily progress rather than worrying about an uncertain future or regretting mistakes of the past.

Here are some resources you can use to calm your mind and begin to return your physical body to ‘healing mode’ again.

This process begins to relax your physical body. A more relaxed physical body will reduce stress chemicals and hormones, it will reduce the alarm signals being sent to your mind.

This 4 minute process allows you to take a short break through your day to release mental and physical stress, thoughts and feelings.

With reference to adverse events after vaccine, most of the clients I’ve spoken with present with anxious thoughts about symptoms returning and panic episodes.

The following audio track has been designed to relax and ease your mind into a more positive, progressive, healing state to allow your body wherever possible to begin to naturally heal.

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