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How to instantly recognize and release stress/anxiety

Being an entrepreneur is a difficult challenge and to be fair, nobody said it was going to be any different. Balancing the needs of a family and personal life alongside a growing business with its strategies and implementation can be a stressful time [understatement].

Stress can be defined as extreme pressure, sometimes from external sources job, life, society, media, work, relationships, surroundings, and even beliefs.

Contrary to popular belief, stress can be both positive and negative. As a positive influence it can motivate individuals to perform at their optimum level and boost energy, however as a negative influence stress can lead to adverse physical affects and be detrimental to health.

Stress is caused by the body’s natural reaction to defend itself, so in an emergency stress will force us to exert maximum effort to protect ourselves.

However, when our body is prepared to face an emergency – heart racing, rapid breathing, adrenalin pumping, cortisol coursing round your body… fight or flight syndrome – and no emergency happens, all the extra energy has nowhere to go, and negative stress is caused.

Whereas anxiety is basically worry, worrying about something that may or may not even happen; Possibly based on old experiences going wrong OR new experiences being unfamiliar and not controlled.

Stress symptoms can present physically, psychologically, emotionally or behaviourally.



Two approaches – one from a meditative and mindful stance

  • One from a meditative / mindful stance

Focus on here and now, bring your attention fully onto yourself, slow your breathing down, nice long slow breaths, imagine your heart slowing down to a nice steady beat. And then expand your awareness slightly to include your immediate surroundings and perhaps one task, bring all of your attention on to this one task. Not multi-tasking, not imagining what others might think, not on the time… focus on one task. You’ll be calmer, more relaxed and thinking of NOW, not being anxious over future events.

  • One from a hypnotic anchor technique

Focus on a fantastic place. The most amazing time, place, event or situation in the world. Really use all of your senses to imagine this. Close your eyes, imagine the sights, the sounds, the sensations and smells or this magical place. Notice if you’re indoors or out, warm or cool, if it’s day or night, spring, summer, autumn or winter… everything needs to be noticed.

Now take 3 long slow deep breaths, and lock all of these sensations into you mind and body. As you take those breaths, imagine you’re breathing in the entire situation; you’re inhaling all the happiness and great feelings.

When you know you’re heading towards a stress situation, or begin to feel some anxious feelings or thoughts… take your 3 deep breaths and allow your mind to come straight back to your magical place. Allow your body to re-experience the great feelings of your happy place.

3 deep breaths… practice this daily for great results.


How to conquer the fears that hold you back from success

Clients mainly present a Fear of failure, success, not being good enough, public speaking or a fear of rejection.

You can overcome fears by following these steps

  • Call it feedback not failure
  • Think different – do something different – nurture a growth mindset.
  • Forgive yourself – nobody’s perfect – try again, remember WD40 & Angry birds
  • Visualise the journey and destination – pre meditate every step.
  • Plan the journey – then take action –get feedback – succeed or try again.
  • Discover the root cause – think about first time fear happened, why it happened, and seek to find other ways of thinking about it. A trained therapist such as myself can help you do this.
  • Live NOW, live in the moment. Release the past, plan for the future – but live fully in the now.


Create more energy, more time and more control over your life

Relaxing, releasing old emotional baggage, living in the now, developing a growth mindset, overcoming fears of failure or success will help to enhance your life in every sense.


Mindfullness – relax, stay in the moment and focus on one task
Energy not spent on stress responses can be directed towards your tasks…

Prioritise tasks – pick 3 main tasks
Being better planned and prioritising tasks gives you much more time and focus…

Progress, not perfection (mistakes happen, learn and move on)
Once you’re filled with energy, your more focussed – take action and be more productive, you get the jobs done, you have spare time… you begin to be able to do the things you enjoy doing… you’re back in control of your life.


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