Common Symptoms

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Alcohol Abuse | Anger Management | Anxiety | Blushing | Children Challenges | Depression | Drug Addiction | Eating Disorders | Exam Nerves | Fear of Flying | Insomnia | Irritable Bowel Syndrome | Obsessions and Compulsions | Panic Attack | Public Speaking | Relationship Issues | Self-Confidence | Self-Esteem | Sexual Issues | Sports Performance | Stress | Weight Management

Symptoms usually appear as a result of an underlying problem.

What happens when you realise that you have a problem? You look a little deeper into the problem. You try to discover exactly what it is, you make a note of what’s happening and for how long . And then what…?

Some people turn to a doctor or GP for a ‘drive-thru’ consultation and are usually advised to take prescribed medication. But what would you do if you realised that if you could control and eliminate a huge variety of symptoms without medication?

Clients often approach Mynd.Works with a range of symptoms, challenges or problems. Click the sections above to discover information and treatment options for these subjects.

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