Firstly, let me clear up one thing… if you suffer from the symptoms of anxiety, you are NOT alone and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I’ve treated people aged between six and 83 years old: From teenage single parents and university students, to multi-millionnaire entrepreneurs, sports world champions, special forces commandos and even royalty.

Anxiety doesn’t discriminate…

Let’s put ‘Covid’ down for just a second… Anxiety is the most common health symptom across the planet today. If you have the virus you become anxious about its effects. If you don’t have the virus, you’re anxious about catching it from an unvaxxed or vaxxed person.

Anxiety affects millions of people and is costing each country billions per year. This study which was released before the endemic began, suggested up to 1 in 3 people across the world will suffer from anxiety at some point in their lifetime. Imagine what that figure would be today.

Some facts about Anxiety…

  • Anxiety can cause physical illness; some of the physical symptoms – especially during a panic attack – include shortness of breath, shaking, nausea, headache, rapid heartbeat, dizzy spells… there’s many more.
  • Anxiety is a prime suspect contributing to substance abuse; this is because many people who suffer from anxiety disorders tend to turn to alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs to calm or numb their anxious feelings.
  • Statistically, women are more commonly afflicted by anxiety disorders than men.
  • Those who suffer from anxiety are prone to suffering from depression simultaneously.
  • Anxiety can be triggered by environmental stress, a traumatic life event or even something you struggle to remember – anyone can be affected.
  • Anxiety can be generalised, specific, Post-traumatic or even phobia based.

If it’s difficult to book time off work or if social anxiety stops you from visiting a therapist in person – I have a treatment that will suit you.

You have 2 choices at this point.

Option 1 is the MP3 Download

The simplest and most affordable way to rapidly reduce your anxiety symptoms is to purchase my best-selling standalone Anxiety MP3.

Find out more about the Anxiety Treatment MP3 here.

Option 2 is my 4 Step Anxiety Treatment

I’m Richard Scott and I’ve spent thousands of hours successfully treating clients suffering from stress and anxiety by using a selection of mind empowering techniques. I’ve designed a flexible program to suit your lifestyle, delivered in a style that works best for you – AND IT’S ALL ONLINE.

There’s NO travelling to a therapist’s office, NO taking time off work and NO struggling to find parking spaces – we work entirely online to save time and offer complete accessibility.

This online anxiety treatment program is so effective that you begin to benefit from the reduction of the symptoms of anxiety within the first 60 minutes. Added to this, the 4-step program is designed to give you extra energy, time and more control over your life.

MORE Energy

Currently, your available energy is spent coping with various negative situations in an attempt to maintain control. Imagine releasing anxiety and having an abundance of unused energy which can then be directed towards positive things.


When dealing with stress and anxiety, your mind concentrates on them in order to protect you from certain feelings. Imagine releasing those anxious feelings and having more time and energy to focus on positive tasks.

MORE Control

Your time and energy are spent worrying about, or attempting to control, the situations that surround you. Imagine having the tools to easily dismiss the negative thoughts, control your reactions and spend more time and energy in creating an amazing life.

At this point I’d like to also clarify that this program is not simply a bunch of videos that are emailed to you. This program consist of 4 live ONLINE interactive sessions with me – plus all the extra homework, support and downloads I’ll be sending over to help.

But first…

Before you take advantage of this online anxiety treatment, I would like to invite you to join me for a FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION.

In your FREE phone or Online consultation we chat about your current situation, you can ask questions and I can discover more details about how your challenge is affecting your life. I also ask how you want your life to change, so we have a starting point and a direction for our journey together.

Without asking you to commit to anything I will then suggest the best techniques to use to alleviate your problem. At this point we discuss the program in more specific details and you can decide to accept my help and work together to get you back on track – or you can simply say no thanks, and return to your challenge. No obligation and No hard feelings.

While you’re considering booking a FREE Consultation…

Here’s how the 4-Step Online Anxiety Treatment Programme works.

This online program is delivered via Skype or Zoom. We co-ordinate a time, I connect to you and we arrange our sessions. All you need is a mobile phone, tablet or computer that’s connected to the internet.

The program consists of four different steps that are delivered weekly or fortnightly.

Step one: IGNITE

online anxiety treatment

The first step teaches you how to relax into the ideal mindset for change. This is when you realise how simple it is to reduce stress and ignite the decision to turn away from anxiety and negative thoughts towards a positive focus.

You’ll receive homework and an MP3 audio download that introduces you to relaxation – encouraging more energy – and then begins to direct your mind towards becoming stronger and more assertive.

Step two: RELEASE

online anxiety treatment

The second process eliminates the root causes blocking your success and then creates a change in your perception of past or present events. This lets go of any repressed emotional baggage without re-living the trauma to stop the persistent pressure of intrusive thoughts.

You’ll receive homework as an MP3 audio download to listen to once a day which will spring clean your mind to allow old thoughts, feelings and behaviours to continue to dissolve.

Step three: CREATE

online anxiety treatment

The third process teaches you to create alternative responses to any challenges, so that positive decision making and behaviour becomes standard. Basically, you decide which direction you want your life to head in, and together we work to make that happen.

You’ll receive homework as an MP3 audio download which includes an ‘instant’ anxiety release technique to removes anxious thoughts about future events.


online anxiety treatment

The fourth process reinforces the first three sessions to build and boost your confidence and self-esteem. We fine-tune and focus on any lingering challenge.

You will receive an MP3 audio download after each ‘live’ session. Listening to your MP3 is a fantastic workout for your mind. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and consequent actions become trained, much more positive, confident and assertive. Your self-esteem increases and you finally realise you ARE good enough to overcome anxiety and succeed on your journey.

People around you may often notice your positive changes before you do because the process seems so natural and simple.

This 4-step solution includes:

4 x ‘live’ ONLINE weekly or fortnightly sessions (1hr each)
4 x MP3 downloads (One after each live session)
• An anxiety e-guide packed with hints, tips and solutions
TXT & Email support (Throughout the entire program period)
Follow up contact to check (and celebrate) progress after three months

Join others from across 30 countries who have changed their lives thanks to the techniques used in this online anxiety treatment.

The faster you get started, the faster you’ll experience the results!

BEWARE of part-time coaches and weekend-certified life ‘experts’ flooding the market – ESPECIALLY NOWADAYS! Don’t miss your opportunity to work with an established professional (over 15 years’ full-time experience with thousands of client treatment hours globally). Google ‘Richard Scott hypnosis’ to discover more.

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Previous ONLINE participants said:

Richard has been brilliant. He was really helpful, understanding and knowledgeable, and knew exactly what to do in my sessions to help me get the most value out of the entire process. He’s a great guy and I would highly recommend going to see him if you want to change your life for the better. ”*
Lee W (anxiety, confidence)

“At first I was really quite anxious about coming to see you but you made me feel at ease and I could talk to you about any problems I have had in the past. You really are magic with the work you do. My life has changed for the better. If anybody feels they’re unsure that this works, talk to me because I was the biggest doubter and I was proved totally wrong thanks for all your help.”*
Jenny S (anxiety & panic)

“Richard is a great technician, very happy with the results.”*
Larry C (anxiety & motivation)

Richard’s approach is gentle and direct, it gets the change you desire. The bonus amazing amount of free content he offers, helps to approach the touchy subject of anxiety. Starting with some self-help or straight to one-on-one direct access online.”*
Gillian M (anxiety)

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your help. you’ve helped me overcome a mountain of anxiety. I feel much better about myself and my life, all because of you.”*
Sara R (anxiety and depression with panic attacks

“I can honestly say that since our last appointment I’ve been feeling great. No panic attacks or thoughts of that nature. I find that I don’t think about how to control my anxiety any more it just comes naturally. I would like to say how thankful I am for all your help, you have really made a difference.”*
Howard K (anxiety, depression and panic attacks)

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*Disclaimer: Results from this online anxiety treatment may vary from person to person and are based on the participant following ALL instructions during and after sessions. The Codes of Conduct Policy (including privacy statement) can be found here.