So… anxiety is a totally normal reaction to danger. It’s a self-preservation mechanism that your mind has developed in order to keep you safe and alive.

If you’re feeling a bit anxious it’s likely that your body’s automatic fight-or-flight response has been triggered due to a perceived threat.

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This threat could be an ACTUAL danger, or you may just feel pressured when facing a challenging situation, perhaps a job interview, an exam, a presentation or a first date.

Anxiety isn’t necessarily a monstrously bad thing; it’s an emotion that’s designed to keep you alive.

It helps you remain alert and focused, then spurs you to action, and motivates you to solve problems.

However… If your anxiety overwhelms you, and your worries and fears constantly interfere with your relationships and daily life—you may have crossed the line from normal levels of anxiety into the realm of an ‘anxiety disorder’.

Anxiety disorders usually consist of a group of conditions so symptoms will vary from person to person.

You might experience intense anxiety attacks that strike without warning or apparent cause, while another person may panic at the specific thought of talking to people at a party. Someone may struggle with a fear of driving, or intrusive negative thoughts. While another may live in a constant state of stress, worrying about everything.

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This intense fear or worry is very likely out of proportion to the situation at hand.

Anxiety disorders prevent you from living the life you want and are extremely common, you are not alone. They’re among the most common global mental health issues—and they ARE very treatable.

Once you get an understanding of your anxiety disorder, there are many steps you can take to reduce the symptoms and regain control of your thoughts and actions.

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