Feeling anxious and not sure how to deal with it?

Everyone experiences Anxiety from time to time. Sometimes, it involves both physical and mental symptoms that create even more stress.

Here are some helpful tools that can give you immediate relief:

think here and now – be mindful.

When you’re anxious, your mind isn’t focused on NOW. It’s racing back into the past or into the future – to things that haven’t even happened yet.

The instant you realise that you are thinking negative thoughts, intentionally bring your focus back into the present – after all, that’s all that ever exists. Returning to full the awareness of here and now is really liberating because it allows you to realise that you can control the focus of your thoughts.

So how do you practise mindfulness during anxious moments?

Start by controlling your breathing. Then look down on your body. Notice your clothes, your feet, and the comfort level you are experiencing at the moment. Notice any tension you feel at any part of your body. And slowly, release the tension.

Lastly, look around you. Notice the details of your surroundings. When your mind starts to wander again, bring it back to the present. Don’t feel bad. It’s normal.

Here are some more tips on relaxing while anxious.

have a Laugh instead.

When anxiety-provoking moments strike, having an extra dose of laughter can be really helpful. Laughter is one simple and free tool that alleviates symptoms of anxiety and lifts your mood. When you laugh, the ‘happy hormones’ in your brain activate which gives you positive feelings.

It could be difficult to insert some laughter when you are already stressed out. So just like mindfulness, you want to intentionally make yourself feel better. Rest for a while. Watch a funny video or a comedy film. Chat with an amusing friend. There are so many ways to add joy to your life. And yes, laughter is the best medicine.

let go of the grudges.

Don’t let the past control you. The longer you hold onto old grudges, the worse you feel and the more anxious and stressed you become. Practising forgiveness may be a difficult challenge but once you realise that your worst nightmare was in fact your biggest opportunity for growth you instantly reframe the situation into a positive learning experience. Of course, it may not restore the connection you have with the other person, but it will improve your health and well-being.

Healing takes time, and forgiving that person for what they did allows you to move forward with your own life, without harbouring all that negative energy over that person you wronged you.

Dealing with anxiety can be challenging, but give these techniques a try. Who knows – one, if not all, of these may ultimately free you from the unbearable world of anxiety.