During these trying times, here are 7 simple ways to cope during the covid-19 pandemic.

Connect – Be social Help others – But DO IT ONLINE!

Help others because it benefits everyone. By giving others some support, you get a sense of control and purpose. It’s as simple as a phoning or texting “Hey, how are you doing?” Just knowing that someone else is thinking of you works wonders for your feelings.

Limit news exposure – Choose preferred sources

However useful it may be to buy stuff from eBay or order your weekly groceries from the comfort of your favourite armchair, the internet has given rise to many an ‘expert’ that expectorates their opinion for others to digest as fact.

Choose a reputable news source, let’s say your own National Government’s suggested news sources, for the latest information on the current crisis. However, I’d also suggest to limit your exposure to the news itself. Yes, it’s great to be informed but when you become obsessed with every latest development, every hour of the day, that’s when anxiety really kicks in.

Try giving yourself a 15min slot in the morning, one at lunchtime and an evening sign-off to collect your news and views.

Self Care – Mindset – Eating – Physical health

There’s a golden triangle that I think will bring you great benefits if you choose to focus on improving or maintaining each point.

Eating – make it a priority to ensure that you’re not simply pigging out at home on all those unhealthy ‘feel-good’ snacks in the cupboard. A healthy eating plan is as important as ever right now. Create one and stick to it (this will include the occasional cheat food for good measure).

Exercise – Be sure to work that body and move around. Take your daily exercise allowance and run with it. Get some fresh air, whether it’s a run around the local park pathway or a yoga stretch in your garden. Get outside if you can and get the ‘old ticker’ safely pumping.

Mindset – Being an anxiety specialist, this is my forte. The world is filled with things you simply cannot control. However, you can learn to control your own thoughts and your actions. Your thoughts, when positively framed, can bring confidence and motivation. Your actions when triggered can bring about great feelings and positive results.

You’re welcome to use any of the FREE downloads from my site here or the FREE meditations on my Insight Timer page here to reduce your stress and anxiety levels.


So, you’re ‘stuck at home’ are you? No you’re not! You’re being given the chance to do things that ordinarily you’d be complaining about because you’re ‘Stuck at work’.

To restore our collective sanity let’s reframe our observation of the situation. If you’re working from home, you can now work in your slippers. If you’re not able to work from home, perhaps you now have some time to spend on those DIY projects you’ve been putting off.

Quality time with family

With kids home from school or college and partners working from home, it’s a great chance to afford yourself some quality family time.

Do those activities you don’t always have time for. Play the board games. Do the puzzles. Cook together. Bake together. Have those deep, relaxed or funny conversations while you have the opportunity.

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Get busy – Take action – Do it now

Take advantage of the slower pace and free time. Try a new hobby. Learn a new language. Do something that gives you a sense of purpose or accomplishment. Take on what you’ve been putting off, like spring cleaning, finances, or paperwork.

Play some uplifting music and dance around like no-one’s watching. Tune into TV shows and movies that distract you from current events. Do the things that make you feel good.

Get help – Reach out to Professionals

If you’re anxiety is getting a little too much to handle alone, talk to a professional. We’re out here, I promise you. Some of us offer Free Consultations, phone or online sessions. You can also join an online support group.

If you had anxiety before the coronavirus outbreak and your feelings of fear and panic are getting worse, it’s important that you reach out to your doctor or therapist. Do it now!