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5 Ways to Stop Feeling Lonely.

When I was young my idea of ‘lonely’ was spotting a lonesome child sitting at the edge of the school playground looking for friends to play with. I remember adverts on TV telling the public about ‘old people’ suffering alone in their houses at winter time.

Fast forward a few decades and nowadays – worldwide, loneliness is reaching epidemic proportions.

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7 Ways to help someone suffering with Anxiety

Anxiety can strike anyone, anywhere and at any time.

There are countless tips, tricks and techniques to reduce, diffuse and combat the effects of anxiety, but what can you do to help if it’s someone else that feels anxious?

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Fear of Public Speaking

You’re about to be interviewed for a new job, or perhaps you’ve just been asked to give a speech in the near future… AAARGH!

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The mere thought of it makes your palms sweat, your heart race, your breathing speed up and your body tremble.

You are not alone, you’d be surprised at just how common this is.

The fear of public speaking is called glossophobia and is one of the most common human fears, often ranked higher than the fear of dying.

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