low self-confidence, esteem, nerves, nervous, timid, shy, quiet, afraid, mynd.works, solution, hypnosisSelf-confidence is important in all aspects of life. It is also a valuable component to achieving success in school, at work, or in business. Confidence gives us the ability to communicate with others and build relationships.

Confidence allows us to overcome challenges the come our way. However, some people lack enough confidence to pursue their goals and become successful. If you’re struggling with confidence issues, here are 8 tips for you:

Set smaller, more achievable goals.

It really feels good every time you are able to achieve a goal, it gives you a sense of accomplishment, and that’s something you will also experience when you achieve the bigger objectives.

So, one trick to increase your confidence is to set smaller, achievable goals. Breaking a big goal down into smaller steps allows you to focus on it and ‘achieve’ it much more easily. That means more confidence and less stress.

low self-confidence, esteem, nerves, nervous, timid, shy, quiet, afraid, mynd.works, solution, hypnosisFind an inspiration.

Look for someone who has become successful in the particular path you are taking and determine the qualities he or she has that you still don’t have.

Discover the skills and traits that have made them successful. You’ll also determine the failures they have gone through and how they overcame them.

Be kind to yourself.

Pamper yourself. Go on, when buying something new for yourself or perhaps get a massage at a spa, you’ll feel good. And when you feel good, your outlook on most other things begins to become more positive; This nurtures an inner confidence.

Be thankful.

Before retiring to bed, think about the things that made you happy today. Think about any goals you have completed (e.g. finishing work on time, cleaning your room, sending the application form for a university scholarship, visiting the gym) and then congratulate yourself.

A sense of accomplishment increases self-esteem and confidence. By congratulating yourself you strengthen your motivation to reach your longer-term goals and achieve success despite any challenges you are facing.

obsessions and compulsions, OCD, triggers, compulsive, behaviour, mynd.works, treatment, hypnosis, psychotherapy, Brisbane, Gold Coast, AustraliaReduce your worrying.

Every day, you only have a certain amount of energy to spend in a limited amount of time. Would you rather waste it on worrying? Or do you think it would be better spent on advancing your career, improving your performance, learning about new stuff and meeting your goals?

Disarm those critical voices inside you.

Fill your mind with positivity. Optimism has a large role to play in increasing your confidence and achieving success.

So, literally tell your inner critical self to ‘shut up’.

Imagine a volume control in your brain and reduce any negative voices or thoughts to the lowest level until you couldn’t even understand what those negative internal voices are saying.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Every one of you is uniquely special.

Individuals who have poor self-esteem tend to compare themselves to other people. This is a bad habit to have because you often don’t know as much as you think you do about these people.

Take risks.

You will miss 100% of the opportunities you never go for.

Don’t be afraid to fail or commit mistakes. No person has ever made it to success without experiencing failure even once in their life. You will often hear about the success stories, but behind most success stories are stories of obstacle after obstacle.

Howard Schultz was turned down by banks a total of 242 times before he was given assistance to create a company known as ‘STARBUCKS’.

A theme park concept was trashed 302 times but it’s owner ‘Walt Disney’ never gave up.

An unemployed, single mother with a love of writing persevered through rejection letter after rejection letter before having her first book published. The authors name was J.K. Rowling and you may have heard about her books main character ‘Harry Potter’.

You have talents, skills and abilities which presently you may not even be aware of. Take risks, believe in yourself and use those talents to achieve your own success.

I hope this shines a light of inspiration. If you know someone who would appreciate this post, please feel free to share accordingly. Your comments are always welcome.

Richard Scott

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