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All of us experience difficulties ate some point or other – stress, sadness, anger and more.

More often than not these can leave you feeling worn out, exhausted, and a little helpless. So when we are feeling run down it can be difficult to know whether to seek help or just let the unwanted emotion pass.

It is a myth that we should have a mental illness first before we see a therapist.

And such stigma and many myths attached to seeing a therapist is one of the major factors why there’s a low rate of treatment. Contrary to the popular view, psychotherapy is a wonderful approach to many of life’s problems, and you need not have a depression, anxiety disorder, or some behavioural issue to see a professional.

More importantly, not addressing our mental health issues effectively could then lead to any of these mental illnesses, or maybe a more severe one. The sooner you get help, the better.

Waiting too long can make those negative patterns or behaviours become more entrenched, which need more time, money and effort to be resolved.

Subtle signs you need to see a therapist.

You feel stuck.
If you feel like you are not moving forward in a specific area of your life – whether it’s your relationship, career or finances, seeing a therapist can help. Feeling stuck causes pain and sense of not being or doing enough. It affects your performance, and takes off your enthusiasm to try new ventures and entertain better opportunities in life.

You’re getting bad feedback from work lately.
Changes in work performance is common among people who are struggling with psychological and emotional health issues.

Mental health issues make you disconnected from your job, slows down your drive to deliver, makes you uninspired, and takes away your motivation to work.

If you’ve been getting negative feedback from your managers or co-workers about your work for some time now, it could be a sign to talk to a therapist now.

You’ve gone physically weaker.
If you are emotionally upset, it can show in your body. Emotional and mental health goes hand in hand. When the other is not in good shape, so does the other.

If you always feel tired, have constant headaches, colds and back pain, and have diminished sex drive, seeing a therapist is something you should consider.

You lost interest in your hobbies.
Things you used to enjoy don’t appeal to you that much anymore. Missing meet-ups and family gatherings, and feeling uninterested in your beloved activities are signs that you are battling with a psychological issues.

You’re using substance or distractions to cope.
Do you resort to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or other distractions like eating or shopping to cope with work and relationship pressures and conflicts? This is a big sign that you are trying to numb the feelings that should be addressed.

Your relationship is strained.
If you find yourself feeling unhappy or disconnected during interactions with your loved ones, friends and partner, you can greatly benefit from undergoing therapy. Therapy equips you with the skills needed to openly and positively express and communicate how you feel.

If you are not functioning the way you want to, therapy might be the answer you’re looking for.

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