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Six Mind Tricks for better workouts

Exercise is one of the best habits to incorporate into your lifestyle. There’s an abundance of health benefits related to regular physical activity, ranging from a better physique to a lowered risk of heart disease, dementia, diabetes, plus many other chronic diseases.

Let’s face it, working out can be a hard habit to start for some

Often, those who begin fitness programmes will quit very quickly. Sometimes, after reaching a target weight, many choose to stop working out and return to their old lifestyle, only to lose the physique and store the fat once more.

Your mindset is the engine behind every action you take. To get your mind on board with the process of healthy exercise you have to make the whole process a fun, exciting and rewarding one.

So, how do you make sure you are able to stick to your workout habit?

That’s the challenging part. Sure, the extensive sweating and breathlessness can make you feel helpless and not want to exercise any more. But, you can actually trick your mind into getting going! Here’s how…

  1. Make it fun

If you don’t like exercising, there’s a big chance that you’ll feel tired and bored working out, and won’t succeed. So you need to choose a fitness programme that you will actually enjoy. Don’t hesitate to try different workout plans. Mix it up a little; ask a professional trainer to help you.

Choose the one you like the most and make your experience even more fun by doing it outdoors or turning up the music (nice and loud!). Adding fun to your workout routine makes you enjoy it more, rather than feeling obliged to do so.

  1. Invest in your workout outfit

Having a great set of workout clothes can increase your motivation to stick to your fitness routine. It motivates you to see yourself looking great in good, quality gear. Not only do you want to feel comfortable, you also want to avoid getting injured during your workout session.

  1. Make even more tweaks

So, you’re on a programme. That doesn’t mean you can’t try other forms of exercise as well. Not all workout routines are found inside the gym. Swimming, trekking, mountain climbing, cycling and other sports can be wonderful exercise options too.

  1. Buddy-up

They say ‘two heads are better than one’. That’s so true, especially when it comes to accountability on an exercise programme. Working out is more enjoyable when you have someone to go through ups and downs with. And by the way, ‘the more the merrier’ too!

  1. Progress not perfection

STOP comparing yourself to others. Doing so can be demotivating when you start wondering why you’re not progressing as fast as the next guy on the same routine.

There are so many factors to consider, not just your exercise, in trying to lose weight. So focus on yourself.

Discover why you really want to exercise. If your reason is to simply look good for others, you chance of success will be significantly lower. The reason should be intrinsic. It should be for yourself.

  1. Rise to the challenge

Always try to dig deeper. If you’re able to plank for 30 seconds, try to hit 40 next time. As you keep challenging yourself, you’ll start to benefit from better health and quality of life.

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It’s World Mental Health Awareness Day

“One in 4 people experience a mental health problem in the course of a year. And among the most common conditions are anxiety disorder and depression.”
Global Mental Health Foundation.

The aim of Mental Health Week and Mental Health Day is to promote social and emotional wellbeing to the community, encouraging people to maximise their health potential, enhancing the coping capacity of communities, families, individuals and increasing mental health recovery.

So, In line with World Mental Health Day, I’d like to share some information and tips to improving your own mental health.

Taking care of your mental health is your personal responsibility. If you ever want to live life to the fullest, be happy, and achieve all your dreams and goals, you must make sure to keep your mental and emotional health in their best condition.

“Only 18 per cent of Australians regularly seek support when stressed or feeling down, according to a new survey.”
Research commissioned by Mental Health Australia

Be honest with yourself now and ask yourself the following questions:

How often do you –

  • Make an effort to eat healthily
  • Make time to socialise with family or friends
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Exercise for at least 10 minutes at one time
  • Keep the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs as limited as possible
  • Take the time to carefully plan and prioritise work and personal commitments
  • Listen to music while working or studying
  • Consciously ensure times without electronic devices
  • Participate in a club, society or sporting activity
  • Seek advice or support when feeling down or stressed

If you’re anything like the other 82% of Australians, chances are you answered ‘not enough as I’d like to’.

Here are some great ways to boost your mental health. Making them a habit is sure to benefit your well-being.

emotions, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, actionsBe open your feelings.

Learn to share your feelings to people you trust. Don’t feel embarrassed to confide in them and voice out your struggles.

These people may not have the answers to your problems, but they have the ears to listen and heart to empathise.

Sometimes all we need is a listening ear to feel better and have the courage to go through the toughest times in our life.

calmness, stress, anxiety, mental, health, outdoors, natureGo outdoors more often.

Don’t let yourself be confined in your desk. There are great things waiting for you outside.

Travel. In every place you visit, you are sure to learn something. Meet new people. Interact with others. Appreciate nature.

Studies show that green environments lift our mood and boost our sense of well-being. Enjoy the sun when it’s out.

A 2005 study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry found that light exposure help reduce or prevent symptoms of anxiety by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain.

positive, mental, health, attitude, mindset,Keep a positive mindset.

It’s not every day that we feel good about ourselves and everything else around us.

We don’t have a full control of the happenings in life. There are days when the sun shines so bright. There are times when rain pours heavily.

However, we have control over our mind. We have control over our perspective. By keeping a positive mindset, we are strengthening our resilience against life’s difficulties.

There are many exercises that allow you to see the glass half full rather than half empty. They include hypnosis, mindfulness and meditation.

Mind-body techniques increase dopamine and serotonin levels, and boost feelings of happiness. Redirecting your focus from the negative to the positive things will help you stay grounded no matter how tough your day will be.

negative, thoughts, let, go, positiveStop the negative self-talk.

We all have a negative voice within. It’s the voice that tells us we can’t do something and discourages us to keep trying.

You can’t shut them out. Science tells us that we are hard-wired to think about negative things.

The best way to deal with negative self-talk is to acknowledge what they are saying, but do not be carried away with them.

Keep perspective. You are more than what your negative voice says you are.

Take care of your physical health.

physical, health, fitness, mental, health, stress, anxiety, positivityYour mind and body are two inseparable things. If one is weak, so is the other. So make sure you are keeping your health in check. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, and following a healthy diet, you can keep your body strong and healthy, which contributes to a stronger mental health.

If you’d like to take part in some Mental Health Awareness Events you can visit this website to see what’s on near you.
Mental Health Awareness Events

The secret to overcoming Stress

StressNo one is immune to stress! There, you heard me say it. The secret lies in effectively overcoming stress.

Stress is, sadly, a part of life. A part that we encounter at home perhaps, at work, in school, at the grocery store, in the bank, and anywhere else we go – even when we’re at something nice and beautiful, like on a vacation.

Do you have a friend who never seems to get tired. There’s usually someone that you know. Someone who has ample energy day and night, someone who takes on extra workloads and completes them early, and still has time for rest and leisure. Do they appear stressed? No!

But don’t think that your friend never gets stressed, they may simply be hiding it or handling it very well.

We often can’t avoid stress, but it doesn’t mean we should allow ourselves to get carried away by it, or let it rule our life. For mentally strong people, overcoming stress is a daily battle that they always win over by simply following the following strategies.

  1. Prioritise your health. It is hard to counter stress when you are ill or physically weak. Keeping your mental and emotional well-being in good shape is very important. So get enough sleep, rest and exercise, and follow a balanced diet and you will improve at managing those stress levels.
  2. Figure out where your stress is coming from. Knowing what causes stress allows you to deal with it much more effectively. What stresses your friend so much may not give you such high level of stress, and vice versa.
  3. You always have a choice. You cannot avoid stress, but you do have a choice to not let it overpower you. Learn to acknowledge that everything you do, from the moment you get up from bed to the time you sleep, is your choice.
  4. Think positively. You can’t control everything that happens around you, but you can control what you think about it and how you react to each situation. Try to see possibilities than failed attempts. Challenges are just obstacles on the path to success. They are areas for growth and improvement, so don’t get too stressed when you encounter challenges.
  5. Avoid catastrophizing things. The majority of the things you are stressed about are things that perhaps you could have simply ignored. By letting the small things pass and focusing on the things that you can control, you will feel less stressed than ever!
  6. Opt for healthy coping skills. We all have coping mechanisms for stress. But are your coping strategies healthy and safe? Some people depend on food, cigarettes, alcohol and unhealthy things to fight stress. Most often such things only provide temporary relief but have greater negative impact on their health in the long run.
  7. Do what you love. By doing things that you are passionate about, you can effectively juggle with your day to day activities and responsibilities without feeling too much fed up and exhausted. Doing what you love to do improves your mood and lifts your sense of well-being, which in turn, helps in overcoming stress.
  8. Establish boundaries. You can’t ever please everyone. So doing everything for someone else, just so to please them, is never healthy and will only keep you stressed.

Stress is something you may deal with on a daily basis. But by practising these strategies, you can get better at fighting stress and having a happier and more fulfilling life despite the challenges you encounter.

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Please feel free to comment or share with others who this may benefit. Your thoughts are always welcome.

Richard Scott